Painting the Floor White

Painting the Floor White

White painted floors – they’re not for everyone, but if you look around you’ll see them popping up everywhere… Everywhere! And they’re here to stay for a while…

Not just in summer cottages like this…


Although what does ‘just’ summer cottages like this mean? Who wouldn’t want one like this?

I really like the cottage chic feeling of this kitchen. I love the black apron front sink and all the black accents. Did you notice that the floor boards run in a different direction than the ceiling boards? And that the ceiling is glossy, but the floor is matte? These details help to balance the look and feel, and to create a fresh, yet cozy intimate feeling in the room.

White floors are not limited to coastal cabins…


In fact, this coastal cabin floor looks like it has a slightly grayish colour to it. But whether it’s white or gray, or somewhere in between… doesn’t this space have a welcoming feeling to it? I know I would totally be able to relax and kick back here. Would you join me?

How about the eclectic mix of this lofty loveliness?


I really like that both the wood floor and the brick wall are painted out. It takes a lot of courage to sweep the first brush stroke across hardwood or brick, but once you have taken that swipe you are in the game. This room is proof that the risk is worth taking.

And then there’s all the touches and influences of modern decor that you’d think would keep this space from being one of the white painted floor crowd.


Right from the tufted bench to the glass-top table… yet what elevates this dining room from its modern cohorts is the white painted floor!

Jonathan Adler. What can I possibly say about Jonathan that you haven’t already heard?


This foyer is designed by Jonathan Adler. Need I say more?

And… What’s new? Let me now introduce the très chic world of upper elegance where formal meets informal…


Who would’ve thought you’d see velvet drapes, classic antiques and white painted floors in the same room? Isn’t this fabulous?

Today’s decorating is all about mixing the old with the new, glam with industrial chic, flea market finds with high-end design… and now, all this with white painted floors! But before you commit to painting your wood floors white, there are a few things to consider.

‘How To’ things to consider AKA TIPS:

  1. White painted floors, though beautiful, do need to be maintained. Be aware that there is no forgiveness for pet hair, dusty dirt, or summer footprint grime. Unless you wash – and dry – your feet every time you’ve  been outside barefooted, you run the risk of leaving the evidence behind!
  2. If you decide to paint your own floors, know that although it may sound easy, it’s actually a big job. Just be prepared, that’s all.
  3. In order to be prepared, the time-consuming tasks and main considerations to factor in are:
    • Sanding and prepping the floor for painting (including filling chips or gashes where necessary).
    • Vacuuming and thoroughly wiping down the floor to remove all dust and dirt, ensuring floors are impeccably clean before painting.
    • Allowing enough time to actually complete the job… read on!
    • Planning for 24 hours between ‘thin’ coats, so that’s the base coat plus 2 more coats… Yes, that’s 72 hours for propper drying time from start to finish.
    • Ensuring the heat is kept at 70F for even drying.
    • Rolling on THIN coats. This is important. If you roll the coats on too thick they will not level properly.
    • Making sure you select the proper floor paint… repeat, making sure you select the proper floor paint!
      • Did you know that wall paint is stickier than floor paint? That’s because it has to stick to the vertical surface. Floor paint is thinner and more watery, so that it dries evenly at the same thickness (levels), and doesn’t bubble up. In fact, floor paint is like dipping your brush in milk.
      • This is the time to ask for assistance!
      • In general you’ll want a porch and floor paint with excellent leveling properties, and this is usually oil based, unless you opt for Farrow & Ball who now have an environmentally conscious oil-free floor paint.
    • Planning to be somewhere else while the paint is drying.
    • Remember… the easy part is choosing the colour!

Is this enough to make you change your mind? I hope not! I just think it’s better to know ahead exactly what you’re getting into rather than getting started and being unpleasantly surprised… in other words, not having to learn the hard way.

But just in case you are feeling a little skeptical…






Is this enough to convince you?

Can you see from all these images just how versatile white painted floors can be? There’s a look for almost any style, and anyone…

Which one would you choose?

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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