Photo Shoot With A Butterfly

Photo Shoot With A Butterfly

Yesterday as I was unloading my groceries, not paying much attention to anything at all, a butterfly fluttered by and caught my eye. So pretty, the sight of it’s colourful wings and fluttering daintiness…

And then it landed on my pants.

So I stopped walking, thinking it would just fly away.

But it stayed right there…

And so I stayed… right there.

And then it got comfortable… moved itself around a little, so I moved too… but it still stayed right there.

So I moved some more…

And it moved a little more too, but still STAYED RIGHT THERE!

Clearly this beautiful creature was not going anywhere!

I wanted to keep taking the groceries inside… but I didn’t want to trap the butterfly in the house… and I didn’t want to touch it either, because I didn’t want to harm its wings.

So I tried to inch the butterfly towards this plant…

And this time it flew away…

Right into Kaleigh’s hand!

And got comfortable there instead.


So Kaleigh tried to gently coax it to fly away…

But it wouldn’t fly away. No, it just stayed…

I’m not kidding.

I think Kaleigh’s amused look says it all. This incredible butterfly is here to stay… Really?

But when we strongly tried to encourage it towards the plant again, this time the butterfly finally flew away!

So what does this all mean? Who knows. But they say the butterfly is about profound changes of the soul… Hmmm.

I think this butterfly forced us to stop for a moment and be in the moment. Take in its beauty… and just pause.

This determined little butterfly has given Kaleigh and I a memory from a moment. And that’s what moments are all about – they are the stories.

The groceries can wait.

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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