Plan A Little Sparkle for Your Outdoor Party!

With the promise of warm weather fun, there’s bound to be an occasion or two ahead. Come with me. I’ll show you how to dress your outdoor space with lighting that will keep your festivities sparkling long after the sun has gone down!

The first thing to do is establish where the real party is going on!

That’s right. Set the stage underneath a gorgeous chandelier or pendant.

Canadian House & Home Image via Follow Studio Blog

 Canadian House & Home via Follow Studio Blog

And remember, feature overhead lighting needs more than just its looks. It needs a little help from its friends.

Adding a mirror is lighting’s best friend!

Jillian Harris Blog

It helps double the light and bounce it around, adding another layer of sparkle to your space.

In this case, a backdrop of mirrored mullion doors demands some attention from the peeps in your crowd.

Canadian House & Home 

But notice the corners? They are already quite dark in broad daylight, and when the sun goes down, the corners will fade away completely.

So remember to introduce a touch of lighting in your corners, and with these cedar shrubs, twinkling mini lights are an elegant, easy fix.

But you can also try other options like backlighting, down lighting, spotlighting or…

Here you see the use of uplighting.

Canadian House & Home 

That’s lighting placed at ground level and aimed upward to highlight an area or object. Drama is added to this space with the uplighting actually framing a wall mounted fireplace.

And that’s another tip to keep in mind.

When you’re entertaining outdoors, think about placing a few light sources at eye level. That’s from standing of course!

Canadian House & Home 

The glow of the light will be cast through your space where you most need it, but not in an imposing kind of way.

One last thing…

Never overlook a table lamp in your outdoor decor!

Chicago Home Magazine

Afterall, you are bringing the inside out to entertain, aren’t you?

Just remember these basics:

  1. Establish center stage with a showstopper chandelier or pendant
  2. Define your perimeter and corners with a little up, down, spot, or backlighting
  3. Layer your lighting by varying the heights of placement
  4. Turn them on as the sun goes down!!!

Apartment Therapy

Oh, and don’t forget to feature some lighting on your table… candlelight is usually the favored option, and if you are concerned about safety, you can always go with flameless candles that are battery operated instead. And did you notice the string lighting against the arbor ceiling? See how it spans the party area, and is placed above the center pendant? This is an example of defining your perimeters, and layering your lighting!

I thought you might like to try a little DIY project to help you get started.

Want to make a solar powered chandelier?

Simple Details Blog

This one was made by Pam over at Simple Details blog. Thanks for sharing your great step-by-step tutorial with us, Pam!

If you have a minute, you might want to stop by. Pam’s blog is loaded with great ideas!

Happy entertaining with inside style on the outside!

Thanks for stopping by!

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