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Play It Safe for Our Little Ghosts & Goblins

One more weekend before Halloween. And since there’s still time… have you thought about a little extra lighting leading to your doorstep for that dark, scary night?

Here are a few ideas to illuminate your creativity.

Lead the way by lining your path…


See how effective this can be in the dark?


It’s amazing how much light is cast.

Carving pumpkins can be as simple as drilling holes to create a pattern…


But did you guess that these pumpkins are lit with a string of clear Christmas lights. Click here for the DIY tutorial… maybe you’ll find another creative way to incorporate this technique for some additional light.

Lanterns are great for adding an extra glow.


They don’t have to have a pumpkin theme, but it’s a good idea to define each step.


Our little Ghosts & Goblins, Princesses and Charmers, are so excited to ring the doorbell, that it’s easy for them to trip up…

I would recommend  placing a large urn, something like this one, at the foot of the stairs rather than on a step as this one is…


This will really help to define where the last step is. It’s so easy to misjudge when it’s dark, and take a tumble in a hasty exit for the next home on the route.

If you have an arbour, gateway or another pass-thru…


Ghosted lanterns like this can add a guiding light. Remember, you can use flameless candles to avoid a fire hazard… and I would also be sure to hang things high enough, or construct them in a way that they won’t get tangled in our Trick or Treaters’ costumes.

If you have potential obstructions to be careful of…


Take advantage of them. Create a little display that can be lit up at night. Imagine how fantastic the lanterns and pumpkins will look glowing in the dark, and there’s less chance for an unfortunate collision along the way.

There are so many great ideas out there. Here are a few more for you along with their DIY tutorials…

Turn plastic milk jugs into a row of lit up little ghosts…


DIY Tutorial

And empty jars into Jack-O-Lanterns…


DIY Tutorial

Or Frankenstein and Friends!


DIY Tutorial

Even these DIY patio lights could shine a light to lead the way…


DIY Tutorial

I might consider spray painting these orange, but you decide.

In the end there is so much that can be done to create a Halloween scene for the little ones, and still add the element of safety to the mix.

What do you do for extra lighting on Halloween? Do you have any safety tips to share?


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  1. I particularly like the “ghosted” lanterns! But I don’t put out any lights for Halloween, cause then the little children might see me before I jump out and get them . . .

  2. Wow! I love this round up of Halloween inspiration Sheila! I am going to have to bookmark this post to come back to it later, fantastic!! 🙂 Hugs,
    Nancy xo

  3. Great ideas as usual Shiela! Love the Frankenstein and friends!

  4. BOO! I like the “haunt” of ghosts. Yes, I googled it, what do you call a group of ghosts… 🙂

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