How to Break the Rules in a Powder Room

How to Break the Rules in a Powder Room

I finally committed to hanging up these pieces of art… and in none other than our powder room!

Here’s a look at them in our last place.

This set was made by Canadian artist Brian Eccles, who was a neighbour where I used to live on the Charlottes. The fish and Fossil are direct images captured though a Gyotaku Japanese fish printing process. The original fish and fossil form were created by using sepia ink and rice paper, and then the images were photo reduced and placed on a silk screen frame for printing.

This is the other piece of art that went up in the powder room today.

This one was painted by my hubby’s mom, Ursula Rettich. The original was sold long before we were ever lucky enough to be given this print as a card, but we loved it so much that we framed it! You can see more of Ursula’s work on her blog, Sea to Canvas, and here’s a piece I posted about at the beginning of the year… before we moved!

I love all these pieces, but with the open concept design of our home, there is actually minimal wall space to really feature them. And breaking the Eccles pieces up felt all wrong.

So why the power room?

Well, the ceilings are 9′, but the room itself is very small. So it’s a perfect place to have some fun with the art. And that’s exactly what I did!

Here’s the best shot I could get given the constraints of the space…

Um, yes I’m standing on the counter!

What I want to show you is how the placement looks random, but is actually intentional. And it works because there is a mirroring effect with the pieces placed on walls opposite each other, and with all the pieces being stepped.

Here’s a look at how the window plays into the presentation as well.

And even though the subject matter is different in Ursula’s piece, it’s the similarity of the blue and red to that of the Eccles pieces that make it work.

I’ve hung a mirror on the wall opposite the main wall of art, to maximize it’s impact in the small space.

And honestly, the walls are not as pink as they’re showing in these photos.

Powder rooms are really hard to photograph because they are typically very small, but they’re great spaces to break the rules with! And this is one of those spaces that you really have to see to appreciate the impact of the artwork. But I hope I’ve been able to give you a sense of the difference just a few pieces deliberately placed can make.

Now it feels so much more like home with these pieces in place.

What have you done to your space to make it feel like home?

PS – did you notice the small staging detail? 😉

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14 thoughts on “How to Break the Rules in a Powder Room”

    • Thank you so much Linda!
      I’m laughing right now, because it’s more like who dares ruin that folded tip on the tp… since this house isn’t staged, afterall 😉
      My family just rolled their eyes with that one!

  • Fabulous! I like the fresh random arrangement of the Eccles prints. I remember seeing them alot when I lived in Campbell River. The whole fish printing process is intriguing. Your hubby’s mom’ work is lovely as well.

    • Thanks Meesh! I love that you can relate to the fish pieces… my brother lives in Campbell River, so I’m fairly familiar with that community. I really like the work by a local potter there that does the bowls and plates shaped like mussel shells, clam shells, etc. I think a lot of it is sold at April Point…

  • LOVE the art. I have one lino block print that my daughter did in grade 5 and a photograph my husband took in Paris in my tiny powder room. But why not? That room is used tons in my family. If only I could have a nice mirror!

    You MIL is talented. And those prints are fabulous!

    BTW: love the folds in the TP!

    • I hear you on the nice mirror… that’s exactly what I was thinking as I hung that one up. Oh how I would love to hang something there with a bit of character and flair… you know, to go with the designer folds in the TP!!!
      xo Sheila

  • These are great and I love them in the powder room. I think it’s fun to showcase fun pieces that mean something to you rather than the ho-hum pieces from a big box store that bear no meaning whatsoever. On that note, I’m still searching for a piece of art for our bathroom and powder room. I really like the paint color in the room as well – it looks creamy to me rather than pink. Love that little staging detail we can see!

  • Nice job Sheila, the artwork looks fabulous. It’s funny because Jay and I have lived in our home for about 9 years and I still can’t commit to artwork until I truly love what goes up besides pics of my fan and friends. Will post when I do. BTW the tp looks great!

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