ReDesign and New Beginnings

ReDesign and New Beginnings

About a year and a half ago my Dad decided to put a TV in his living room. The trouble was Dad’s space was already set up to accommodate his furniture… with the fireplace, with the bay window, with the stair railing, with the open concept to the dining room… are you starting to see the picture? Reducing furniture pieces was not an option, nor was changing any of it out! One of the key things I had to work around was a huge Christmas cactus, which was in full bloom at the time of the redesign.


Isn’t it gorgeous?

The trouble was I had to move this beauty from its corner to help make room for the TV πŸ™ And there was really only one option open. Trust me, I tried every piece of furniture in every corner of the room. But without the flexibility to reduce or change out any of the pieces, there were huge limitations to what I could do.

Here is the living room with the TV integrated. The rectangular table beside the pink chair used to be where the TV is now. It was too low to set the TV on, so I opted to use the round nesting tables instead. You can see I’ve pointed out where the cactus was – it filled that corner completely, and that was without the lamp. The TV had to come forward into the room, otherwise it looked tucked in behind the fireplace. This meant I had to nudge the sofa a little more into the cactus corner. As a result the cactus was spilling over onto the arm of the sofa, so it had to go.

But to where?

I swapped it out with the curio cabinet. The cabinet was a transition piece between the dining room and the living room, but besides that it wasn’t really connected to anything else. So I took a chance and committed the unthinkable – I moved the cactus from its spot by the window, while in full bloom, to a spot that was more open, but with less light. All the while holding my breath.

In the last year and a half the cactus has survived, but it has only had a few flowers. It lost some pieces, and tried to bloom but never with the same success. And my Dad has been told more than once that it should never have been moved. But you see, the blue chair is Dad’s chair, and it used to sit where the pink one now sits. He used to be kitty-corner to the cactus, which wasn’t a problem when there was no TV to factor in. But once the TV came into play, Dad’s chair had to move so he could actually see the TV to watch it. And the TV had to work with the cable outlet – Dad wasn’t interested in re-routing the cable either, so putting the TV where the pink chair is also wasn’t an option because of the fireplace…

Fast forward to just 3 weeks ago, and this is what the cactus looked like.

Add another week…

And this little bud popped out.


Then turned into this flower in full bloom (a little blurry, but just so you get the picture).

And here is the cactus now, just in time for Easter.

It’s not as full of flowers from when it was moved, but if you look closely you’ll see there are still some buds yet to open. So now I’m exhaling because I think I can safely say the cactus has survived the TV redesign… And now my Dad tells me that all this time he thinks he might have been over-watering it!

This is a Christmas cactus, and it has bloomed during Christmas in the past, so we’re taking the Easter bloom as a good sign that there’s more to come!

I wonder what Mom would say if she was still here? We all know there wouldn’t be a TV in the living room… but that’s part of the story isn’t it? I think that’s why the TV was so hard to place, and yet why the cactus survived the move! Mom was just letting us know… that it’s all good.

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

Photographs: Sheila Zeller

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