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If you’ve been following along then you know I’ve been having fun in the sun in San Francisco this past week. And I can tell you, I now know first-hand why Tony Bennett sang about leaving his heart in SF – yes, I have fallen in love, too!

Aside from atomic stars and bursts of the heart, one thing at the top of my bucket list was a little vintage shopping – are you surprised? Weirdly that proved to be a lot tougher than I thought – now I bet you really are surprised!

First, I ran into a lot of this…

Vintage Store Haight Ashbury - San Francisco I’m not kidding. Many of the vintage shops I set off to find ended up being closed, as in shut down, doors closed for good. #SoSad. The other truth is location. A lot of the shops were just too far out of reach geographically… but only for this trip 😉 . I also discovered that there are a lot of vintage clothing shops, amazing shops in fact, but not as many focussing on housewares and the treasures of Audrey Would!

On Monday, the last full day of our trip, that all changed. We were out having fun just exploring off the beaten track of the trolley cars and buzz of daily activity that you see below…

San Francisco Street Car

When I came upon this box on a little side street.

Zeller S - Box on SF Street

You might have seen my post on FB, but if you missed it – honestly I did not put this box here, did not label it with FRAGILE, and definitely did not write my name on it! Truly a sign of things meant to be. And that’s because…

When we turned the corner, there in front of us was a little vintage boutique trio – Molte Cose (C-window), Belle Cose (R-window), and the one that caught my eye, Bonhomie (L-window) – all in a row staring at me!

Bonhomie Vintage Boutique (2)

I have to preface, we have had a beyond incredible trip jam-packed with fun adventures, fab outings and memories we will cherish for a life-time, but is it wrong to say this little stumble was like finding 3 olives in my martini without asking?

The shops were filled with beautiful vintage pieces – clothing, housewares and ephemera, and yes Audrey savvy stuff! We wandered and soaked in the offerings as if in a daze, each pass spying yet another something ‘new’.


There were so many pieces that caught my eye, but in the end I had to be street smart in terms of not only transporting amazing vintage goods, but also moving them across the border and factoring in DUTY fees! What I really loved about Bonhomie is its owner, Liesl (pictured above). When I asked if she would consider shipping the treasures I wanted to buy, she was so accommodating and willing to go the extra mile. That allowed me to pick up a few more pieces that would otherwise have stayed… and when packing up today, whew, am I ever glad she did!

So as I sit in the San Francisco Airport waiting for my home-bound plane, I close this trip with a, ‘See you soon San Francisco’, and ‘Thank you, Liesl and Bonhomie’ for being the treasure I was missing in my San Fran mix!

Have any of you been to San Francisco? Do you shop vintage, and if you do, what area should I be exploring next?

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use!


10 thoughts on “San Francisco Vintage Just Around the Corner”

    • I hope you get to go Janet! It’s so much fun to be in the mix when the SF teams are playing. The Giants were playing the game that went 9 extra innings, and everywhere we went there were fans following the game right from an Irish pub, a corner store to the trolley and a jazz club. It didn’t matter where we stopped, the game was the buzz! And San Francisco is just such a great city – it’s alive with so much to see and do!

  • It looks like you had a wonderful trip Sheila. It sure looks sunny and warm too, perfect!! Those shops look so inviting and I’m sure it was fun browsing around. That box was interesting too, like it was calling your name (is that a bad one??) bleah. Welcome home!

    • Haha – yes, that box was calling my name! 😉 We had such a great time, and the weather was crazy hot. Every day was a new day of exploring, and the only thing we wish for is more!!

    • We had such a great time and truly fell in love with this city – we would go back in a heart-beat, and have definitely left behind so much more to explore. I hope you get to go Terri!

  • Love this cute little shop! I esp love the layout and vintage touches like the old stoves and desks used for displaying the items. Next time you’re in San Francisco, check out Period George, which has a lot of vintage housewares. It’s located on Clement Street at the western end of the city.

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