Scuffing About With Annie Sloan

Scuffing About With Annie Sloan

Yesterday was a day I’ve been looking forward to since last year. Okay, since the beginning of December… but that’s last year, right?

Yesterday I attended a workshop where I finally got to hang out with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint… for a whole afternoon!

Do you remember my little mention of Annie’s paint here? Well I  have been dying to try it ever since. I mean, who can resist no sanding,  no priming, and getting by with one coat?

And look at all the colours we got to play with.

So hard to choose. Did you know the paints can be combined to create a palette of over 55 colours?

These are the colours I chose to work with…

Paint Colours: Source 

There’s also a clear wax and a dark wax that you can use to create different effects.

Soft Wax Brush & Can: Source / Wax Images: Source

We worked with pieces of moulding to practice layering paint colours, and trying different distressing and waxing techniques.

Here is what I did.

Based on the colours I chose to work with, can you guess what I did?

This one is my favorite.

Believe it or not, this is Paris Grey with clear and dark wax, and no distressing. It looks a little darker here than it actually is. But isn’t it amazing how the dark wax changes the colour?

I was trying out Paris Grey for a reason. You see, I have a project in mind that I think this colour might be perfect for. Do you remember these windows? I wrote about them here.

Well I’m thinking of painting out a piece to go with the windows.

Here’s a little glimpse of what I have in mind.

The moulding colour and finish shows truer in this picture. What do you think? I don’t think it’ll be too matchy-matchy in the end, because of the dark wax.

We also did a mini take-home project in the workshop, which I have to finish now that the paint is dry on mine. But you’ll get to see that in another post once I’ve got it done!

So in spite of what I’ve heard about how easy Annie Sloan chalk paint is to work with, I’m still glad I took this workshop instructed by Debra Boeyenga, owner of A French Touch. I learned so many tips and techniques that will make my life easier, and I’m sure my paint and wax will go a lot farther as a result!

So far I have only bought the clear wax, but once I decide on what project to tackle in which colour, the paint and dark wax will be next! And naturally that means the painting tools, too!

Do you have any projects you’re thinking of painting with Annie Sloan chalk paint? Any that you’ve already done? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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12 thoughts on “Scuffing About With Annie Sloan”

  • I didn’t know there were so many options available at all or that you could use varying techniques. I really just thought there was one application, chalkboard paint. Looking forward to seeing you put it to use.

    • I’m with you Holly! I didn’t realize what’s involved. The cool thing is you can do as little or as much of what you want depending on the look you want. So using the paint to simply paint is definitely an option, but topping with the clear wax helps give it shine (if you want shine), and also protects the paint. The dark wax definitely changes the look of the paint, and the distressing techniques open up a whole world of variations for achieving a unique look. I am so glad I took this introductory workshop!

  • I’ve been thinking about taking a chalk paint workshop too because I really want to try the Annie Sloan paint!! I have quite a few pieces of furniture sitting around waiting to be painted. Some I want to be blemish-free and lacquer looking, and a few I want distressed. I just need to find a good workspace free of my husband’s renovation debris! 😉 At least that’s my excuse for inaction LOL!

    • I totally recommend a workshop; I learned a lot, and am so glad to have it to get started. You are so ahead of the game to have furniture pieces ready to go, and that you already have a look in mind. Hope you get a chance to tackle one of them 🙂

  • Very cool, I’ve heard so much about Annie Sloan paint! Thanks for sharing this with us Sheila.

    Thanks so much for popping by today. I’ve been meaning to check in and see if your print had arrived yet! Let me know when it does 🙂
    Nancy xo

    • Hi Nancy!
      Yes the print arrived! I picked it up yesterday, and am so excited. THANK YOU!!!

      My plan is to feature it in the office, and before the print arrived I had already started the drudgery of the purging process so I can rework the space. I’m now deep into going through our filing cabinets, so the prettifying aspect is still a bit away… but in progress 🙂

      I share the office with my hubby, and he LOVES the print!

      Thank you again!
      XO Sheila

    • I can’t wait for you to get your hands on some of this paint, because I know what you’ll come up with will be awesome! It’s a lot of fun, and so flexible to work with. Pretty much anything goes!

    • The woman that taught this class just started carrying this paint recently. I was so excited when I found out, so keep your ear to the ground. A distributor might pop up in your area, yet. I know what you would do with this paint would be amazing based on some of the other things I’ve seen of yours!

  • I love your window project! I’m thinking of taking an old window, chalk painting & hanging from the ceiling w/ white Christmas lights for a little romance in the boudoir. There’s a great paint site online here: . She offers some paint classes at area stores, too.

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