Selling? Tips to Holiday Stage With Style

Selling? Tips to Holiday Stage With Style

Selling your home through the Holidays doesn’t have to be an added frenzy on your ‘to do’ list. Here are a few simple tips to keep the ‘first impression’ décor done up just right, and maximize the spirit of the showings.

1.       Decorate with quality, not quantity

This is the time to resist showcasing the cutesy crafty creations you have accumulated over the years. Simple elegance is the way to go. Stay with your pieces that catch and bounce the light. Place them with intention so they draw a potential buyer’s eye to the great features of your home. If you have a fireplace, work your mantle, but don’t hide its details!

Photo: House Design News

2.       Choose a neutral colour scheme with sparkle and glam

If the ornaments clash with your décor, they do not add to it! Choose neutral – think nature: tree cones, berries and boughs mixed with candles (battery operated flameless for safety). Add in a little festive sparkle with cut crystal, glam glass, and top off with the twinkle of metallic accents. Remember to keep it secular so that all potential buyers feel welcome – not everyone shares the same religious beliefs.

Photo: Urban Barn
Photo: House Design News

3.       Holiday accessorizing: visual interest or distraction?

When selling through the holiday season ‘less is more’. You don’t want to overcrowd your rooms with festive decorations, because they will distract the buyer from seeing the real features of your home. Highlight the focal points, and leave the rest to stand on its own.

Photo: Home Depot Decor

4.       Moving a tree in… what are you moving out?

Let’s face it – wherever you put your tree, it is going to take up space. Be prepared to move something out so your tree can move in. The last ‘first’ impression you want for your buyer is a feeling that the space is too small. Have you considered a smaller tree… just this once?

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

5.       What does your curb appeal say?

Curb appeal is your first priority, which is why I’ve put it last – I want to leave you with that thought. Your driveway, walkway, and stairs must be safe! Make sure they are always free of slippery snow and ice. Ensure your entrance is well lit, and that you have a spot inside for buyer’s to place their shoes. Refrain from ‘upstaging’ Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with your display of outside lights – try a minimalist approach by using simple strands of clear lights instead. Suggestion: stay away from icicle lights – they only look attractive at night!

Photo: The Almighty Guru

And may we strongly suggest that your inflatable lawn ornaments stay packed away too!

Photo: Inflatable Seasons

Trust that an understated ‘holiday welcome’ will open the door to your potential buyer’s heart. Greet them with a fresh wreath or door swag instead.

Photo: Restoration Hardware

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