Sid Dickens: Elemental Beauty & Vision = Memory Blocks

Sid Dickens: Elemental Beauty & Vision = Memory Blocks

Looking for a unique gift for someone special? Have you considered a Sid Dickens Memory Block? Just one block will surely lead to two, and before you know it, a collection will have begun. What really makes a collection so stylized and distinct is Sid Dickens’ annual retiring of memory blocks. If you fall in love with a memory block, don’t wait, because if you do, it may be too late! For example, tomorrow – December 1, 2010 – is the last day to order the 2010 blocks selected for retirement. Click here to see the list of 2010 blocks being retired.

‘Opaque’ and ‘Music With Moulding’  are my two favorites from the 2010 list to be retired. I also love ‘Cerulean Sea’ and ‘Aquamarine’ which were retired in earlier selections.

Music w/ Moulding
Cerulean Sea

Wendy Vipond’s winning image (below) from the contest Memory Blocks in the Wild is a fantastic display of just a few of these amazing works of art. If you look closely you can see ‘Aquamarine’ forth from the right. I think this one is just beautiful on its own, but it’s how this photo captures the collection that is truly magic. The setting does not compete for attention; it serves as a backdrop that enhances the collection as a whole, and yet compliments each memory block as if it were standing alone.

Wendy Vipond's Winning Photo

This photo depicts so well the elemental beauty that Mr. Dickens describes in the following excerpt; he speaks to its influence on his vision as an artist, and ultimately a turning point in his career. (Read more here)

…In 1987, after an inspirational trip to Europe which Dickens regards as pivotal to his artistic development, he moved to a remote waterfront studio in the Queen Charlotte Islands. The elemental beauty of this secluded and mystic wilderness expanded Dickens’ vision… (Link to full article)

I think what really resonates with me is how Wendy Vipond’s photo truly captures the memory blocks in the wild, but it’s the similarity of the setting to that of Sid Dickens’ Sandspit home on the Charlottes (Haida Gwaii) that connects. In fact, there’s even a wharf (pictured below) that is located near his Sandspit studio home!

Shingle Bay, Sandspit (YZP)

Below is a photo of the stunning view that would be seen from the artist’s studio home, and which sprawls along the community of Sandspit’s shoreline. Isn’t it breathtaking? Across the inlet lies the north Island known as Graham Island, which I am intimately connected to as this is where I was born and raised, and where my ‘roots of home’ will always be.

Skidegate Inlet (Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands)
Shingle Bay - West
Shingle Bay - East

Wouldn’t you agree that elemental beauty such as this is clearly evident in so many of Sid Dickens’ memory blocks? (View complete memory block collection)

Have you started your collection yet? Do you have someone special to buy something remarkable for this Christmas?

Here is a sample of what’s available at Manhatten Home & Gifts in Nanaimo, BC

Manhatten Home & Gifts in Nanaimo, BC

And if you missed out on a retired memory block, Manhatten Home & Gifts makes it easy for you to see if they still have it. They feature the retired blocks separately.

Retired Memory Blocks prior to Dec 1, 2010

Or if you are visiting the Charlottes/Haida Gwaii…

fUNK iT, carries the memory blocks as well. fUNK iT is one of my favorite places to shop when I’m back on the Islands, and I know you’d love it too!

In fact look at what fUNK iT was up to recently…

Sid Dickens Party at FUNK iT

Soooo wish I could have been there… Hhhhh, oh well. I bought a few memory blocks instead, and have created a ‘wish list’ for another time!

For us...
...for a gift!
Would love to own - it's Kaleigh's favorite
Kaleigh likes this one too!

Kaleigh is my almost-16-year-old daughter, and I think she has fantastic taste. She has a love of music and plays the guitar, so I’m sure that has a slight influence on her favorites so far!

What do you think? What memory block would you like to own? I know… it’s tough to choose!

To find a store near you click here. For more information visit Sid Dickens’ website.

And if you need any help to make a selection that will match your décor Contact us . Or if you’re looking for assistance with your styling and décor we’re happy to do that too. All it takes is an introductory consultation to get started – remember the first ½ hour is on the house!

Photos Courtesy of Following Links:

Individual Memory Blocks

Wendy Vipond’s Winning Photo

Shingle Bay

Skidegate Inlet

Manhatten Home & Gifts


Sid Dickens Party: fUNK iT

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