Side Table Redo… What to Do?

Side Table Redo… What to Do?

I picked up a great little side table the other day, and plan to give it a makeover.

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But what to do?

Love this vintage 1920s table.

Source: 1st Dibs

The distressing you see is actually the original paint starting to chip and peel. No faux in this look, but it can be done!

Or I could go with a dark distressed top…

Source: Lilyfield Life Blog

And a fun colour on the bottom. I have been thinking about maybe a grayish-blue.

I like what Kate from Centsational Girl did here.

Source: Centsational Girl

Classic country chic, a look that never tires.

I could swap out the white for black…

Source: Remodelaholic / Choose to Thrive Blog

Black works well in our space, but I’m not sure.

Maybe a distressed black would be a better fit.

Source: Three Mango Seeds Blog

And in the end, I’m not even sure I want a stained top.

Maybe a distressed gray top and another colour on the bottom.


Source: Perfectly Imperfect Blog

I’m thinking I would paint the bottom in a darker colour though. Or maybe I’ll just paint the whole table out in one solid colour.

It’s fun trying to decide what to do. That’s what I love about DIY makeovers – you can do anything you want, and the possibilities are endless!

How about you? Got any projects brewing that are waiting on a direction, too?

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9 thoughts on “Side Table Redo… What to Do?”

  • So curious to see what you decide. All the options would work beautifully so it really is your space that will decide what’s right. Have fun! I have about a million projects to do eventually, at the cottage, but I am focusing on the bathroom renos that we will need to do sooner than later.

  • That’s a nice table. I’ve been trying to find a second nightstand forever and I just haven’t found “the one” yet. Have you seen the “dipped” look at all? That might be sort of neat – you could still go dark and then dip the legs a gold or whatever color you’d like.

    • Hi Holly!
      That’s funny you mentioned the dipped look – I have seen it, and wondered about that too! I think I just need to reign my ‘wanna try everything’ desire in and pick one! Oh, but it’s so hard 😉

  • My problem is I have lots of direction but no projects! I am striking out at the thrift stores these days 🙁

    Glad you have a piece to work with. I say go wild with it, do something out of the box! But it will speak to you and then you’ll know 🙂

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