Side Table Redo… What to Do?

I picked up a great little side table the other day, and plan to give it a makeover.

SZInteriors Photo

But what to do?

Love this vintage 1920s table.

Source: 1st Dibs

The distressing you see is actually the original paint starting to chip and peel. No faux in this look, but it can be done!

Or I could go with a dark distressed top…

Source: Lilyfield Life Blog

And a fun colour on the bottom. I have been thinking about maybe a grayish-blue.

I like what Kate from Centsational Girl did here.

Source: Centsational Girl

Classic country chic, a look that never tires.

I could swap out the white for black…

Source: Remodelaholic / Choose to Thrive Blog

Black works well in our space, but I’m not sure.

Maybe a distressed black would be a better fit.

Source: Three Mango Seeds Blog

And in the end, I’m not even sure I want a stained top.

Maybe a distressed gray top and another colour on the bottom.


Source: Perfectly Imperfect Blog

I’m thinking I would paint the bottom in a darker colour though. Or maybe I’ll just paint the whole table out in one solid colour.

It’s fun trying to decide what to do. That’s what I love about DIY makeovers – you can do anything you want, and the possibilities are endless!

How about you? Got any projects brewing that are waiting on a direction, too?

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9 Replies to “Side Table Redo… What to Do?”

  1. So curious to see what you decide. All the options would work beautifully so it really is your space that will decide what’s right. Have fun! I have about a million projects to do eventually, at the cottage, but I am focusing on the bathroom renos that we will need to do sooner than later.

  2. That’s a nice table. I’ve been trying to find a second nightstand forever and I just haven’t found “the one” yet. Have you seen the “dipped” look at all? That might be sort of neat – you could still go dark and then dip the legs a gold or whatever color you’d like.

    1. Hi Holly!
      That’s funny you mentioned the dipped look – I have seen it, and wondered about that too! I think I just need to reign my ‘wanna try everything’ desire in and pick one! Oh, but it’s so hard 😉

  3. My problem is I have lots of direction but no projects! I am striking out at the thrift stores these days 🙁

    Glad you have a piece to work with. I say go wild with it, do something out of the box! But it will speak to you and then you’ll know 🙂

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