Skeleton Lamp Shade: I Finally Found The Perfect Lightbulb!

Skeleton Lamp Shade: I Finally Found The Perfect Lightbulb!

About 31/2 years ago I cleaned up a thrifted lamp and DIY’d a skeleton shade for it. The skeleton shade was one of those projects I was dying to do, had so much fun with and today enjoy this little lamp’s industrial/steam punk presence as much as the day it all came together.

Here’s a look back at the lamp and shade when it was all done…


Finding the right bulb was a challenge, and in the end I settled on this 40W bulb.


I loved the way this large, round bulb looked as it provided the effect I was going for… but even this 40W was really too bright without a filter over the shade.


This meant actually using the lamp was a bit moot since it was too bright to look at without seeing spots long after turning away!

I never stopped keeping an eye out for the right lightbulb, and read about all kinds of wonderful options I could pursue online. Of course I never did, never quite got to it… until we visited Portland, Oregon this summer.

We stopped in at a store call Rejuvenation. If you’re into reclaimed, repurposed, vintage and vintage inspired decor, this is the store for you! It’s a modern blend of old and new, and then there is this whole back area of salvaged wares.

Hardware, tools, doorknobs…

Rejuvenation Portland, OR (2)

Signs, lighting…

Rejuvenation Portland, OR (1)

A decorator DIYer’s dream…

Rejuvenation Portland, OR (3)

You get the picture, and you know me by now. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven! Oh the things I could have brought home with me, and well, there was one thing I actually did!

I know you know where I ‘m going with this. We were talking about the perfect lightbulb for my skeleton shade, after all.

When I saw Rejuvenation’s incredible selection of bulbs, I was hoping to find a bulb that would be a good fit. And then I saw this 40w beauty and knew it was meant to be.

Source: Rejuvenation
Source: Rejuvenation

 The half gold top was both aesthetically and functionally perfect! It’s like this bulb was designed for our lamp.


No more seeing spots when glancing at the light!

Rejuvenation Light Bulb, Half Gold (2)

And what a perfect top to compliment this old thrifted gold lamp, don’t you think?


We are now using this lamp for its intended purpose, and it has finally become more than a conversation piece!

Would you have a skeleton lamp shade in your decor? What kind of lightbulb would you choose?

Thanks for stopping by!

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All photographs by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise indicated below image. Please link and credit if you choose to use.

10 thoughts on “Skeleton Lamp Shade: I Finally Found The Perfect Lightbulb!”

    • I was so smitten with this store! We were on a mini holiday and we flew, so I had to reign myself in, but for a DIYer or anyone renovating/building a home, it was a treasure trove. I only wish I had taken more photos of the incredible salvaged things they had to offer… Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Jane!

  • Oh, I love Rejuvenation. That’s where we got our powder room light fixture. I know what you mean about exposed bulbs. It took a while to find the right one for an industrial lamp my husband built our son. They also have dimmer cords at IKEA that work good for lamps.

    • And I love your powder room light fixture – I remember that post! Thank you for the tip on the dimmer cords – I didn’t even think about that, and what a great addition to this little piece a dimmer would be!! I always learn something from you Shana 🙂

    • The store is really amazing! I think you would have a great time shopping there, especially the section that caters to salvages pieces. I was so overwhelmed with ideas and oh the things I could do… if we weren’t flying home. And of course a budget would have to play a role. I could go crazy in there!

  • Hello Sheila,

    How are you doing? Do you remember me??? 🙂

    Just thought of you and wondered how’s everything with you…

    Your blog still wonderful and you continue to amaze me.. what a gorgeous lamp!!!

    I hope everything is great with you!


    Luciane from

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