Spring In A Can!

Spring In A Can!

Who’s ready for Spring? Anyone???

When I saw this photo on Pinterest I was caught by the bright, cheerful colours. A welcome splash to the eyes 🙂

Did you see this photo, too?

flowers in enamel pail

Source: Pinterest

Isn’t the fresh cut bouquet pretty?

I thought you might like to see a few more. And the vintage vessels they’re displayed in!

Enamel pails, pitchers and watering cans.

Love the live ferns in these pails.

ferns in enamel pails

Source: Martha Stewart

And the table they’re sitting on. You can always count on Martha to get it just right!

I never get tired of aged and weathered pieces…

flowers in watering can

Source: Pinterest

Like this chair and watering can. Don’t they make a great pair?

To me one of the first signs of Spring are grape hyacinths.

Source: 52 Flea Blog

With their splash of deep purple-blue. They sure make a statement in this white pitcher, don’t they?

I think this casual mix of seemingly wild flowers would look great just about anywhere.

Source: My French Country Home Blog

Especially in these vintage enamel pitchers. Do you think these are wild flowers?

Roses are so beautiful, but can sometimes seem a bit on the ‘proper’ side of things.

Source: My Sweet Savannah Blog

But here in this pitcher, they feel welcoming and relaxed.

A pail full of peonies? A sidekick of mixed flowers?

Source: The Foodie Bugle

Works for me. I love peonies, and can’t resist flowers in this deep wine colour. Always takes me back to my childhood – we had a wine coloured peony bush in our yard, and it’s just one of those things that feels like home to me.

Which is probably why I was drawn to this pitcher filled with these ammyrhylis…

Source: Arren Williams

This pitcher isn’t vintage, but does that really matter when the flowers in it are so exquisite? And the string caught my eye too. You might remember it from my ‘Packaging Perfection!’ article. Great way to add a little extra flair to a display.

Do you think this pail of flowers and grasses was dug up in a clump from the garden?

Source: Etsy

I’m thinking it was, and can’t wait for Spring to come!


How about you?

Source Unknown

Vintage enamel pitchers, pails and watering cans. Great for vases… ready and waiting to be filled!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how I can help.



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6 thoughts on “Spring In A Can!”

    • They just add that bit of cheer to a space. I still haven’t gotten our office fully decluttered, so haven’t started putting a vase full on our desks yet… but with this dreary, gray weather, it’s incentive to get up there and get it finished!

  • I love spring but I feel like we haven’t really had a winter yet (at least a winter that I know). The weather has been so back and forth here in PA – I think my roses are so confused. We have a bunch of rose bushes in our back yard. I’ve been picking up some tulips here and there when we go to Whole Foods – they make me so happy!

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