Spring Into Organizing

Spring Into Organizing

Spring Cleaning. Are you inspired yet?

If you’re thinking about the ‘to do’ list, but the thinking is bogging you down, have you considered starting with just a small area to rev up your momentum? Like maybe a closet or cupboard?

This mini project is just one bathroom drawer and a set of cupboards… there are more drawers and cupboards, but these were the ‘dirty little secrets’ that needed the most attention.

Drawer – Before:

Do you have a drawer that looks like this?

Or how about a cupboard that looks like this?

… Maybe in another area of your home?

First, I pulled everything out, and sorted like things together. Note the blue and white plastic baskets. They were less than a dollar each, and perfect for this project.

Don’t be overwhelmed when your surface areas suddenly look like this:

…and this:

Because this is your goal:

See, I wasn’t joking when I said a ‘small’ area!

This purging and organizing project took 3 hours, just to give you an idea. That sounds like a long time for a space this small, but you’d be surprised how quickly time goes by, especially in an area like a bathroom. Each item has to be addressed with the usual decluttering questions…

  1. Do I use this?
  2. Do I need this?
  3. Do I want this?

But in the case of a bathroom, you also need to check the expiry date of creams, lotions, medications, and other products like toothpaste, etc. The bottom line, if it’s expired it needs to be thrown out. Another thing to watch for is bulky packaging. You’d be amazed at how much space you can gain by removing items from their exterior packaging.

Now to start putting all the ‘keep’ items back. This is where you really need to focus on organizing, but before you get started, don’t forget to give the shelves a wipe. You never know when they’ll be this accessible again πŸ˜‰

This is how the drawer got put back together. Notice the Q-Tip box… we were one container short, so had to do a little improvising for the moment.


That’s the thing with organizing. Try to anticipate what you’ll for need for your new storage system and have your containers on hand. It’s better to have too many than not enough, because once you get going, you don’t want anything to interfere with the process. Just make sure you can return any extras. But if you do run short on your containers, don’t stop what you’re doing! A temporary place holder is better than a halt in the process.

Do you remember the blue and white baskets from earlier? Items were being sorted into them when the cupboard got emptied. Notice how they have now become storage containers for things inside the cupboard.

By using these baskets, I was able to fill a grocery sized bag with flattened boxes and packages for recycling! That doesn’t sound like a lot, but remember how small bathroom items tend to be…

And for the last step… Labelling.

The baskets are labelled with the main theme of their contents, but there’s no reason why labelling can’t be more detailed if you like. And in this case just the main bins and baskets are labelled. Did you notice that the First Aid basket is the only blue one? That was deliberate so it can be identified quickly from the rest.

The shelves of this cupboard are an awkward depth and the baskets actually had to have their plastic handles trimmed off in order to maximize the shelf space. And can you see the white wire mini shelves on the right? They were implemented, also to maximize the shelf space.Β  It would have been nice to use wicker baskets, but because of the odd shelf depth these were the best fit. And since this is bathroom storage, plastic will stand up to any excess moisture, and can be wiped down easily.

Just to recap…

Here is where we started:

And here is the cupboard now:

A place for everything, and everything in its place!

Do you have any ‘secrets’ lurking behind closed doors or drawers? What will you do to spring into action?

If you want a remarkable space that tells the story you want, contact me to see how we can help!

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