Staged Home: Sale Makes the Vancouver Sun!

Staged Home: Sale Makes the Vancouver Sun!

A property I staged in North Vancouver has made the Vancouver Sun!

This is the actual page from the paper… the on-line version doesn’t include the photographs, so I have red-circled the Berkley property. To read the article, click here.

Source: Vancouver Sun Section H2, June 4, 2011

The gist of the article is really about how the sellers did ‘everything right’ when adding appeal and value to their investment. The write-up doesn’t go into the staging aspect of the sale, but has a breakdown of the property’s appraised value, the listing price, and its selling price… over asking! Definitely worth the read. So I’m expanding on what the sellers did right in terms of actually preparing their property for sale beyond the renos and upgrades the article references.

Based on the initial staging consultation and my clients’ subsequent follow-through, there is no doubt they upped the ante for their property. And their follow-through definitely made my job to stage a lot easier. As they say, it’s all in the details, and my clients ‘got’ that completely.

Here is a close-up of the entrance you see in the photo red-circled above.

SZInteriors Photo

And here is a list of what was done to the main entrance to maximize its curb appeal:

  • Soffits, trim and walls – repainted
  • Gutters cleaned
  • Bench – scrubbed down
  • Hose reel & hose – removed (was mounted to end wall behind bench)
  • Exposed Aggregate – powerwashed
  • Planters – repainted and potted up with new plants
  • Doorbell – painted black (brass was pitted from weather exposure, and beyond shining up)
  • Light fixture – new (replaced dated and weathered brass fixture with one to match rest of exterior fixtures)
  • Door mat – new (replaced undersized, well-worn mat with a quality mat made of natural fibres)
  • Windows – washed
  • Brown railing above entry – repainted
  • Stucco wall behind railing – repainted (bottom of wall was stained from weather)

Remember, we’re only at the main entrance! But this area is critical to creating a lasting first impression.

I won’t go into all the intricate details of the staging, but this is a great example of what it takes to go from listed to this:

SZInteriors Photo

Did I mention the garage doors were repainted? And that all the windows were professionally cleaned? Oh, the fascia was touched up too! But one of the best business decisions my clients’ made was to replace the roof. It was showing some wear, however they could have opted to leave it alone since it wasn’t leaking. A professional inspection determined the roof was reaching the end of it’s lifespan, and with that my clients wasted no time in having this potential negotiating item taken off the table. A new roof after all is a selling feature!

Are you curious about what else was done to prepare this property for sale? We haven’t even gotten to the back yard, or the deck, or the garden shed, or the fence… oh, and then there’s the inside too! Have you read the article yet? Remember, these sellers did everything right!

It’s about selling your property. From coaching you through the pre-listing process to staging your property, when we’re finished you’ll be ready to list… Make the biggest impact by contacting me first. Creating a welcome home feeling is our goal; showcasing your investment is what we do!

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