Steve Hanks: Works of Art for the Soul

Steve Hanks: Works of Art for the Soul

Steve Hanks is one of the top water colour artists in the world today. Emotional realism is how he describes his style, and if you look into his work you will see that the patterns of life are captured in every piece with raw, real emotion. They are incredible pieces, tastefully done… women are often his main subject, many renderings are nudes, but you’ll also find many pieces capturing the wonder in children, the beauty of the ocean, the stages of life, and more… Backlighting is a signature element of his style, with a beautiful play on light in each and every piece.

And so why Steve Hanks for this post? Well, he happens to be one of my favorite artists, and since it’s raining A-GAIN I decided to share some of his watercolour pieces with you that are set in… you guessed it… the RAIN!


‘Shelter for the Heart’

‘Waiting in the Rain’

‘Summer Rain’

‘Catching the Rain’

‘Waiting for the Train’


‘Leaving in the Rain’

‘The Road Less Travelled’

And then at last…

‘Sunshine After the Rain’

And like this last piece promises, we know this rain too shall pass leaving behind a fresh new day for the sun to shine upon.

Who is your favorite artist?

For photo source and to see more of Steve Hanks’ work, click here. I bet there will be a piece that speaks to you too…

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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3 thoughts on “Steve Hanks: Works of Art for the Soul”

  • i have known about Steve Hanks for about a year and a half now.his work amazes me.
    i myself started painting about 3 years ago in water colours and i am a self taught figure and portrait painter.when i first started painting i searched and searched to find what kind of style i like and what i wanted to do. Steve Hanks was one the top artists that pleased me and he is my mentor; If i could come within only a fraction of his ability i will die a happy women

    yours Amanda

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