Cowichan Bay Art Walk: ‘Still Standing’ by Julie King

Cowichan Bay Art Walk: ‘Still Standing’ by Julie King

Today we took in the Cowichan Bay 6th Annual Art Walk and left with a deeper appreciation for our local artisans than we arrived with. Why? Well, mainly because we got to see the artists alongside their works, and hear the stories behind the pieces. And it’s always more meaningful when you can see the creators up close and personal!

We could have come home with any number of beautiful pieces, but were very taken with the work of artist Julie King. She offers both gorgeous acrylic and watercolour paintings (and prints of the originals) as well as fun, creative jewellery. Oh yes I could have done some serious damage, but somehow managed to contain myself… but, just a little.

After walking the entire Art Walk, we made our way back to Julie’s stand and purchased one of her amazing prints, ‘Still Standing’. It is the first new piece for our new home, and we are super excited to display it.

Here’s a look at ‘Still Standing’ sitting on the buffet – probably not its permanent home, but for now a home where we can enjoy it!

And here is a closer look…


Pretty amazing, don’t you think? I love the colours, and the light… and it’s perfect for where we’re going with our colour scheme and décor style.

If you haven’t seen Julie’s work, I totally recommend that you visit her website to see more of her acrylic and watercolour pieces. You will be glad you did!

I promise, once ‘Still Standing’ finds it’s permanent placement in our home I will give you a photo update…

Have you purchased any new pieces for your collection lately? What did you buy, and who was the artist? Do you have a favorite artist that you would like us to know about?

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Cowichan Bay Art Walk: ‘Still Standing’ by Julie King”

  • Love your new treasure! I attended the art walk as well and was astounded by the talent, not to mention the gorgeous day and idyllic setting. I so enjoyed visiting with the artists and appreciated their willingness to share their stories as well as discuss their techniques. This is a “must-do” for me again next year!

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