Summer Pinterest Challenge: Mini Dipping!

Summer Pinterest Challenge: Mini Dipping!

You know there’s just a little bit of busy going on when the Summer Pinterest Challenge creeps up and you almost missed it! Yup, that’s the week I’ve been having. But, just in the knick of time… like late Saturday afternoon kind of time, I saw this!

Pinterest Summer Challenge 2012


So I had the rest of Saturday night, and a small part of Monday evening to step up to the challenge plate. You see, it’s kind of become my own little tradition to participate, so to miss this one, ‘bummed’ wouldn’t even begin to describe it! Here are the links to my other Pinterest Challenge projects in case you want to see 🙂

Summer Challenge 2011

Fall Challenge, 2011

Winter Challenge 2012

Since today is the big reveal day, let’s jump right in.

Here is where my inspiration all began…

Tanya from Dans le Townhouse. Aren’t her spoons cheery and fun?

And then my inspiration was really kicked into high gear when I saw these wooden wonders by Little Bit Funky!

I love all the happy colours, and just happened to have thrifted a little collection of mini wooden utensils to give paint dipping a try!

Handcrafted Mini Wooden Utensils

I got hubs to help me out by drilling holes in the handles for me. Time was of the essence, you see 😉

Handcrafted mini wooden utensils

I marked a line on each handle so I knew where the paint should stop.

Then taped and primed them.

Prep for painting wooden utensils

I’m not actually planning to use these little guys in the kitchen, so just used paint and primer I have on hand.

Well, actually I’ve been dying to try this ‘Sweet & Juicy’ (P5072-85) Para paint, but hadn’t even opened the can.

And had a little ‘oops’ moment when I started to pour some of the paint into a cup. Hey, not all that orange is from my oops! Some of it belongs to the logo on the plastic bag!

Because these handles were so short, I actually dipped them into each paint colour, and then hung them up to drip-dry.

Dip Painting Wooden Utensils

That’s right, no paint brush used here!

The dipping method created a little extra work, and the paint went on quite thick, but it gave the handles a smooth even coat. If you try this, make sure you gently dab the paint off the tips of the handles as it begins to dry. And you’ll have to do this a few times depending on the shape of the handles you’ve dipped.

You can see I dipped a little too enthusiastically on some handles by totally coating the tape! So I had to use an X-acto knife to cut the paint before peeling off the tape. I didn’t do this on the first one, and the paint wanted to peel away with the tape!

And then I discovered a little touching up was in order. I should have left my primer a fraction short of the painters tape. But I didn’t, and some of the primer nudged out the paint. Oh well. If you look closely you’ll see where I had to extend the paint slightly.

Since these wooden pieces are a random collection, they either have different finishes, or none at all, so I wanted to give them all a finishing coat of Varathane. But just on the parts I didn’t paint since all the paint I used is semi-gloss.

Notice the string on the handles? These pieces have been Varathaned, and the other three have not.

Oh, and the string is braiding cord that I picked up from Wal-Mart.

I couldn’t decide which colour to use, so I used them all!

I think the Varathane makes a big difference to the finished look, especially the fork and its partners to the left of it. These three pieces were just raw wood before.

Here’s a look back at the ‘Before’.

Handcrafted Mini Wooden Utensils

And ta-da…

The ‘After’!

Painted Wooden Spoons

So, by the skin of my teeth, that’s another Pinterest Challenge complete!

Why not head on over to take a look at all the other challenge submissions here (mine is #347).

Thank you so much to these ladies for another great Pinterest Challenge…

Did you join in the Summer Pinterest Challenge? What submission # is yours?


All Photos by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise stated.



23 thoughts on “Summer Pinterest Challenge: Mini Dipping!”

    • Hi Holly!
      They were so much fun to create, and one of these days I might actually do up my ‘real’ wooden spoons. I haven’t yet because I have them in a caddy, so the handles face down, and we’d never get to see them! But, maybe change is in order!

    • Thanks Jessica! I know, I know, right – the egg crate 🙂 I hadn’t put up the mini clothesline yet, but once I did, it sure worked a lot better. Hey, thanks for the idea on the hostess gifts – that’s a great idea!!!

  • These are great! Love the colors you picked too! It looks like a fun project to do too. I am voting for you- I really hope you win!! I am on pinterest enough- you would think I would know these contests were going on!

    • You are so good for the ego! Thank you 🙂

      In the end the Pinterest Challenge isn’t really a contest, it’s just a challenge inviting you to begin and finish a Pinterest inspired project by a certain date – you have one week to complete your project, and then you link it up. I follow Young House Love’s site, and watch there for the announcement, but you can also find out about it on Bower Power’s site. Even when the challenge deadline is up, you still have additional time (usually 6 days) to link up your project, but it just means your project misses the initial impact of the link-up. So… watch for the next challenge some time in the Fall, I think around the very beginning of November. Hope to see you there, because I know you’ll have a great project to share 🙂

    • Awe, thank you so much Tanya! More importantly, thank you for the inspiration!!! I love your blog, and could pin a million ideas from it. You always have so many awesome projects. Seriously, I’m blown away by all your great ideas. You are ultra creative!

    • Thanks Meesh! I was heading in the direction of framing them, and featuring them behind my stove (there’s no backsplash and it needs something there!), but just couldn’t pull it all together in time. My frames weren’t quite deep enough, and I wanted glass so I could clean the grease splatters. I over-thought the process, I think. Oh, the perils 😉

  • LOVE this idea Sheila! You picked great colors too! I think you have inspired me to do something similar..although my wooden spoons have seen better days.

    • Thanks Linda! I think wooden spoons that have seen better days would actually look awesome with this little added touch. The well used, well worn spoons are my own favorites in my kitchen – breaking new spoons in just isn’t the same!

  • I absolutely LOVE your dipped wood utensils! First of all, the variety of shapes & sizes is great. Second, the orange & turquoise are AWESOME! And third, the varathane really gives the wood a nice, rich look & lustre.

    I missed the Pinterest summer challenge, but I’ll be ready for the fall one 🙂

  • Love them! I think they’ll be a great art installation. I have a few vintage utensils I’ve collected (some from my grandma) that I’ve wanted to do something with. I think this would spruce them up a bit and add a little color to my kitchen.
    I read about the Pinterest Challenge on Monday, so it was a little late to join. Hope to join in this fall.

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