Sunday Brunch on a Wednesday!

Sunday Brunch on a Wednesday!

Okay, I’m a little late getting this post put together, but when it comes to Sunday brunch, it’s better late than never don’t you think? This past weekend we raised a toast to a milestone birthday for my Dad, and were joined by family and friends. Then on Sunday hubs and I hosted Father’s Day brunch at our place for everyone. Do you know, we had 5 dads and a dad-to-be around the table?

Here’s a little look at our Sunday brunch…

Cheery flowers and colourful napkins brought in some festive fun.

Vase Wrapped With Twine

And we joined two tables together so we were able to seat 12. It was set with china plates my hubby grew up with, and that his mom passed on to him about 6 years ago. We really enjoy using them, and love that there are enough to go ’round when we are hosting a gathering of this size.

Table Setting for Brunch

Can you see the vintage butter dish between the vases? The black and pink one? My sweet hubby gave that to me for a surprise Valentine’s gift one year. It matches a square cake plate my Mom passed on to me a long time ago… I also got to use our little tiny glass butter dish! And our very cool blown glass salt & pepper dish.

Table Setting for Brunch

Want to see them up close?

Glass Butter Dish, Salt & Pepper

You might remember my butter dish discovery, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the salt & pepper dish. See it at the top right? It’s made by G.B.S. Glass Blowing in Shawnigan Lake, and was given to me by my Auntie Ada a few years ago. She was one of our out-of-town guests, so it was fun to use it while she was here!

Also on the table were these vintage cut-glass salt & pepper shakers. They were given to me by Kaleigh almost 7 years ago, and were purchased with her very own hard-earned money.

Vintage Cut Glass Salt & Pepper Set

She was barely 10 when she purchased them! Aren’t the memories behind special pieces the best?

We served three kinds of quiche made by hubs, and got to share some of the sweet basil we’re growing this year.

Fruit Platter, Quiche

I put together 2 fruit platters, and was super pleased at how fresh and tasty the fruit really was.

Fruit Platter

And we shared some local Cowichan Valley treats.

Fresh bread and pastries from True Grain Bread in Cowichan Bay…

Eccles Cakes, True Grain Bakery

Here you see Eccles cakes and pain au chocolat. Eccles cake is one of my Auntie Sharon’s favorites. We were so pleased that she and my Uncle Ken also joined us for brunch that day!

And French pastries from Saison Market Vineyard.

Saison Market Vineyard Pastries

Are you saying, mmmmmmm, yet?

I can’t even tell you what my favorite treat was, because everything was so good. The pastries and bread were baked fresh that morning, and hubs was there right for opening at each place! True Grain opened at 8am, and Saison at 9am, so the timing to hit both couldn’t have been better!

It was so much fun to do all this…

Table Setting

And enjoy it with some of the special people in our life, using special pieces we’ve acquired throughout our life. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

I love getting the house ready, and setting the table for occasions like these.

How about you? Is this something you like to do, too?

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Photography by Sheila Zeller

9 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch on a Wednesday!”

  • Sounds perfect – quiches made by the hubs and pastries!! Love all your vintage dishes too.
    It’s like Christmas – decorating is so much fun but then comes the taking down of all those many many many decorations (that’s why mine are up well into January).

    • Big tables are so much fun when you have the people to go around them! And you are one of the people who brings a lot of fun to the table – hopefully we can do this with you soon!

  • Quiche might be one of my favorite foods – that looks so delicious. We’re big brunch fans in our house. We did a Christmas Eve brunch w/ my Mom and brother and his family this past year – I’m hoping to keep up that tradition. Yum yum and yum!! Everything looks so pretty Sheila.

  • Your table is so pretty, and mmmmmmmmm, those baked goods look delicious! It’s great that you were able to use pieces on your table that hold special memories for you, and that they people who gave them to were there to enjoy them too 🙂

    Sadly, we don’t have large family gatherings anymore because I don’t have much family left. I’m always envious of my friends who plan & decorate for their big family get-togethers.

    • Awe, thank you so much, Kelly! We had a really nice time, and it was over way too soon. We actually don’t get to do big gatherings that often but when we do, it’s really nice. I’d sure love to do them more often, but usually it’s only 5 or 6 of us…

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