Taking Glo-Hill to the Oscars!

The 86th Oscars are coming… this Sunday! Are you ready to party, are you hosting a party… or both? If you are hosting, then it’s time for some sparkle and shine. Get ready to glam things up with classic white linen, dashes of black for that black tie appeal, and for heaven’s sake be sure to use sleek vintage barware with all the accessories!

Now that we’ve got that sorted out…

Audrey Would! has a brand new collection of sleek, shiny and very Mid-Century pieces fit for the red carpet eve. Many of you will recognize them, some of you will have grown up with them, and a few of you might even have a piece or three!

I, myself feel very lucky to have a few pieces my Auntie Sharon has passed on to me. She tells me they were wedding gifts -my aunt and uncle are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year- and you know how I feel about the stories behind the treasures!

This is the first piece. Isn’t it exquisite? The cut glass insert is heavy, and sparkles as it catches the light, but how about those Atomic-style feet?

Glo-Hill Serving Tray, 5-Section Cut Glass Insert, Red Cherry Bakelite

The oval insert is removable making clean-up easy, and the tray itself very multi-functional. This is how I used the tray for Christmas dinner…

Glo-Hill Tray - Multi-purposed

The ice block was so pretty, it was almost a shame to cover it up, but the tray worked perfectly for presentation and catching the water as the ice began to melt!

This second piece matches the first. That’s one of the things I like so much about Glo-Hill – you can never go wrong because all of their pieces are easy to mix and match.

Glo-Hill Flat Bottom Serving Dish

I love the off-set Bakelite handles, the common denominator of these two pieces, and I really like the flat bottom style. Most pieces in the Gourmates line have the Atomic feet or the all-in-one bridge style. You’ll see a few pieces with the bridge style in our collection, and we just happen to have a few more pieces like these as well!

Do you see why Glo-Hill is the perfect serving ware for a red carpet/black tie affair? This is just a snapshot of what you can expect to find in our Glo-Hill Collection, and our collection is only getting started. There is so much more to Glo-Hill, so many pieces to find!

A quick bit of history…

Glo-Hill Corporation, originally known as Glo-Hill Company was an innovative serving ware company out of Montreal that specialized in sleek chrome pieces with Bakelite accents and modern lines. The company was started in 1945 by Jack Globus and Harry Hill, soon after to be joined by Jack’s brothers, Leo and Saul. It was then the company became known as simply, ‘Glo-Hill’. Glo-Hill, was a prestigious company, its elegant Mid-Century pieces sought after by many and refused by few until closing its doors in 1979. Glo-Hill left its footprint in the Mid-Century era, and imprinted its soul in Canadian history!

Many of the pieces we offer at Audrey Would! still have their sticker intact, but even without the sticker, you will see there is no mistaking Glo-Hill! If you are hosting a Soiree and ‘need’ a Glo-Hill piece visit our collection here. If you ‘need’ one for the Oscars, Audrey Would! will be at the VintAGEous Fair in Victoria this Saturday….

VintAGEous Fair 2014

Contact me by Thursday and I’ll be sure to bring the Glo-Hill piece along for you to see first-hand!

Do you have any Glo-Hill pieces of your own? Do you know the stories behind them?

See you at the Fair!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use! 🙂

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