Taking the Inside Out!

Taking the Inside Out!

Here’s a small Pinterest round-up, I just wanted to share. I thought these ideas were a great toast to outdoor spaces, with a little creative use of indoor pieces!

Like this deck.

Pinterest / Jillian Harris

It was styled by Jillian Harris… you know, the Bachlorette from a few seasons back?

And when does a quatrefoil mirror not look good?

Pinterest / Style Me Pretty

Have you ever thought to collage a grouping of mirrors outside?

What about flower pots hanging on the fence?

Pinterest / Shannon Eileen Blog

I’ve heard of sitting on the fence… or on a windowsill, but not hanging on the fence!

I love these Impatiens ‘sitting’ in the chair.

Pinterest / Flickr

And I seriously want to try this one day! Would you give this chair a makeover, or would you turn it into a planter, too?

Have you ever thought of recycling an old dresser like this?

Pinterest / Rose Petals & Rust Blog

What a great way to take the inside out… instead of bringing the outside in!

Love this wall of windows…

Pinterest / Velvet and Linen Blog

Oh wait, there’re no walls!

Don’t you think stairs make an impact on any space?

Pinterest / Tumblr

Yup, definitely crushing on these stairs!

And this is how I feel about these photos…

Pinterest / 2bseeds

Spilling over with lots of ideas I am dying to try!

How about you, any new ideas waiting in the wings for you?

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. Contact me if you need a little help!


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