Taking the Inside Out!

Here’s a small Pinterest round-up, I just wanted to share. I thought these ideas were a great toast to outdoor spaces, with a little creative use of indoor pieces!

Like this deck.

Pinterest / Jillian Harris

It was styled by Jillian Harris… you know, the Bachlorette from a few seasons back?

And when does a quatrefoil mirror not look good?

Pinterest / Style Me Pretty

Have you ever thought to collage a grouping of mirrors outside?

What about flower pots hanging on the fence?

Pinterest / Shannon Eileen Blog

I’ve heard of sitting on the fence… or on a windowsill, but not hanging on the fence!

I love these Impatiens ‘sitting’ in the chair.

Pinterest / Flickr

And I seriously want to try this one day! Would you give this chair a makeover, or would you turn it into a planter, too?

Have you ever thought of recycling an old dresser like this?

Pinterest / Rose Petals & Rust Blog

What a great way to take the inside out… instead of bringing the outside in!

Love this wall of windows…

Pinterest / Velvet and Linen Blog

Oh wait, there’re no walls!

Don’t you think stairs make an impact on any space?

Pinterest / Tumblr

Yup, definitely crushing on these stairs!

And this is how I feel about these photos…

Pinterest / 2bseeds

Spilling over with lots of ideas I am dying to try!

How about you, any new ideas waiting in the wings for you?

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. Contact me if you need a little help!


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18 Replies to “Taking the Inside Out!”

    1. I’ve been wanting to try this one! Apparently you put chicken wire in the seat, line it with moss and then plant away! I used to make my own hanging baskets, and this seems like the same process, so now all I need to do is find a great chair for the project!

  1. I’m so horrible with gardens and plants!!!! Definitely love a few things you’ve shared though and even though I’m likely to kill them, I totally want to try a few of the ideas!! Like the hanging pots on a fence… so cute! I’m also in love with the climbing purple flowers on the stairs *sigh* Any idea what kind of plant that is?
    Yep… I have a backyard to plant this spring so I’d better get brave!!

    1. Thanks Victoria! From what I can tell of your yard, you have a great place for some of these ideas 🙂 I’m really hoping to at least do the pot on its side with flowers spilling out of it… we’ll see! Apparently the flowers on the stairs are a variation of a blue bell. I bet periwinkle would work too. Can’t wait to see what you do in your yard!

  2. These photos are really making me wish for spring! Although it was beautiful here in PA today – mid 60s! Unheard of for January 31st! That first photo is beautiful with the chandelier and the pretty gladiolas (one of my favorites).

  3. Thank you for this inspiration, Sheila. The sun is popping out and it’s making me itch for spring. Those purple flowers are the cutest little things ever. The weatherman says we’re not finished with winter yet….. You know where he can stick that comment……. Where the sun don’t shine!!!!!

  4. Oh Sheila- what beautiful images!! I too love the flowered stairs! And the dresser with the flowers!And the beautiful phlox! Just beautiful! Great post that made me smile. Can’t wait for the warmer weather- although I really should not complain about this mild winter! 🙂

  5. Hello, Not sure if this thread is too old, but what are those purple flowers called, that are spilling out of that large garden pot? Thank you for sharing!!

      1. I appreciate so much that you replied to this old but wonderful posting!! Just ordered some seeds, thanks to you! I hope they will turn out half as lovely as the photo ~

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