A Give-Away Thank You!

A Give-Away Thank You!

Do you ever enter any of the give-aways offered on some of the blogs you read? I do, but I never really think for a second that I’ll win. I like to enter because it gives me a chance to share blogs I read with others, and I also get introduced to new blogs this way too!

So when Meagan (Meee-gann!) from Row House Nest posted a give-away opportunity the other day, I was all in.

If you haven’t checked out Meagan’s blog, you really must. It’s full of amazing DIY ideas, and other features to help you make your nest the best that it can be! Want to know more, click here. Or better yet, why not subscribe to the Row House Nest RSS feed so you don’t miss a post!

Back to the give-away!

This give-away was for a hand-made print by artist Sarah Welch from Wooden Spoon Editions.

Have you visited Sarah’s Etsy shop? Love her prints, and the Moleskines are pretty sweet too!

What’s really cool is how Sarah creates her prints. Hint – the name of her blog and Etsy shop are a clue 😉 But you’ll have to visit Wooden Spoon Editions blog to find out for yourself what that really cool technique is! And don’t forget to subscribe to Sarah’s blog once you’re there!

So here’s the give-away I entered… and yes, without further ado, just found out that I won!


I am super excited, and so thrilled.

Sarah was offering the opportunity to choose a 4×6 or 5×7 print from her Etsy shop…

And this is the print that I chose.

Wood Spoon Editions Etsy Shop: Sand Dollar – Hand Printed – Seashore

I love this one. And as I told Sarah, this is why.

I grew up where sand dollars were scattered on the beach after different tides and seasons, so that one feels especially personal. And now with this win, a very lucky one for me too!

Read here to find out why this print is a special one for Sarah as well!

I can’t wait to feature Sarah’s beautiful print.

Thank you again Meagan and Sarah for this team effort on the give-away opportunity.

I am a very happy winner!

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