The Colours of a Cocktail

The Colours of a Cocktail

We popped into The Old Fire House Wine Bar on Saturday and capped off our Black Tie evening with the cocktail special of the night.

If I gave you a few clues, would you guess what it was?

This hand-blown glass is very close to the glass our ‘special’ was served in.


Source: Any Gifts Direct

Tiny and sweet with great curves. Kind of sets the tone, doesn’t it? 😉

And these, the cognac of colours within it.

Know what it was yet?

Maybe this will give you one more clue…


If you guessed the ‘Old Fashioned‘, you’re right!

We enjoyed the smooth blend of Bourbon, simple syrup, bitters and a few other finishing touches that completed this special ‘New Age Old Fashioned’ cocktail.

I’m so disappointed we didn’t take a photo, because everything about it was perfect. From the sweet little ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail glass, to the incredible colours that danced within it… the unbelievable blend of flavors and aromas that escaped from it… and of course, the atmosphere and company surrounding it!

Here’s a stand-in photo for the one that got away!

Source: Communal Table Blog

Can you work with me and just imagine the sour cherry in there, too?

The colours were seriously amazing, especially in the beautiful lighting of The Old Fire House Wine Bar at night!

Do the colour of cocktails inspire you? Have any favorites to share?

When something just strikes the right note, it’s worth savoring. You never know when you’ll strike that note again! 



It’s about coming home… and home is a special place that tells your story! 

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5 thoughts on “The Colours of a Cocktail”

  • Sounds like a fun night Sheila! How many ‘old-fashion’s’ did you enjoy? ;)I never know what drinks to order so I go with my pinot grigio wine. I think I will have some now!

  • What a lovely post about our ‘New Age Old Fashioned’ cocktail! Thank you so much for the mention, Sheila. And it’s wonderful to hear you guys had such a great evening!

    The Old Firehouse Wine Bar

  • That sounds fantastic Sheila! And you know I never really thought much about it, but I love the look of a mojito. That light yellowy/green color of the liquid and the bright green of the mint leaves – and bonus points if we get a sugar cane straw for some added texture.

    • We were just talking about mojitos tonight! But I never even thought about them in this context. I can just picture it now… fresh, vibrant, and fun… what a colour board this one would make!

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