The Cycle of A Thrift!

How was your weekend? All-in-all ours was pretty darned good since we were able to capitalize on the bright spots in our mixed bag of weather!

Saturday we wandered through the Duncan Farmer’s Market, stopping in for a chat at some of our favorite stands. When we popped by Makaria Farm’s stand, little did I know a very cool story was about to emerge.

This is my friend Heather, and you might remember her from my earlier posts, here and here.

Heather - Makaria Farm

Heather McLeod, Makaria Farm

You see that little chalk board? We were together when Heather thrifted it back a few months ago. The perfect little stand. Small, fold-able  portable, well-made as in dove tail corners, solid wood well-made, and above all, farm stand functional. All that packed into one thrifted little find!

Where the cycle of a thrift comes in? One of Makaria Farm’s long-time customers and acquaintances happened to ask about the new addition, specifically, where Heather had gotten it. And when Heather said she thrifted it, the woman was able to pinpoint from where! What are the chances?

As it turns out, this little chalkboard had once belonged to her! And… she had originally acquired it on her own thrifting adventures many years ago!

Now, how coincidental is that?

I love this story. You just never know where a good thrift has been, or when you might see it again. And you can be sure, there’s a story behind every one! 😉

Do you have any thrifting coincidences like this to share? What have you got planned for the week ahead? Any treasure seeking adventures calling your name?

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photograph by Sheila Zeller


10 Replies to “The Cycle of A Thrift!”

    1. Hi KariAnn!
      Thanks for stopping by – I’m so happy you did! 🙂 I know you would totally appreciate this little story. Isn’t it fun when a story attaches itself to a thrifted find?
      Mother’s Day was really nice – my daughter treated me to a little outing at a local organic tea farm – how about you?
      xo Sheila

    1. I love our outings to the market – we don’t go all the time, but it’s so much fun when we do. I’m kind of a fair weather girl – if it’s cold and icky, hubs gets to go instead, LOL! 😉

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