The Reach of Pinterest: Highschool Project Inspired by Mom’s Pin!

The Reach of Pinterest: Highschool Project Inspired by Mom’s Pin!

If you’re a Pinterest fan, then you know all about the pinning craze. And I bet you’ve been inspired to try an idea or two that you’ve pinned. But would you believe me if I told you Pinterest inspired my daughter’s History 12 project?

Here’s the pin that started it all.

Pinterest Inspiration - Cherry Blossom Art

Source: Pinterest

What dots would you connect between this and History 12? The dots of the cherry blossoms might be a clue 😉

Here’s a little photo journey of the work in progress.

Starting with the supplies.

Art Supplies for Cherry Blossom Painting

Drawing the branches in free-hand.

Branches drawn free-hand

And then painting over them with dark brown.

Freehand Cherry Blossom Branches


Painting Cherry Blossom Branches

You can see the pink paint ready to go in the background.

But first, a little test-run in making the blossoms. We printed the Pinterest pic for some visual help.

Just to check the colour and technique.

A little more white was added to lighten the pink…

Creating Cherry Blossoms with Paint

And Kaleigh discovered that blotting the blossoms first was the way to go.

Then she set to work.

Creating Cherry Blossoms in Paint

Have you figured out the History connection yet?

Creating Painted Cherry Blossoms

If I mentioned a timeline, would that help?

Can you picture a timeline here?

This is how Kaleigh incorporated the cherry blossom tree into her History 12 final project.

Chinese Timeline 1911 to 1976

Photo by Kaleigh Duralia

Notice the blossoms have been finished with paint dabbed in the centres. And thankfully Kaleigh thought to take a final photograph, or I wouldn’t have the project reveal! I’m not sure what happened, but by the time the project was put together, I completely overlooked the last shot. Where was my head at?

Anyway, what do you think? From Pinterest inspiration to highschool project implementation! The reach of Pinterest just never ends!

Kaleigh has really enjoyed her History 12 class, in fact, has truly loved it. But she’s not a big fan of creative projects like this. Hard to tell from her focus in the photos, isn’t it? If you know Kaleigh, then you know that she’s actually very creative and has a great eye and attention for detail, but she’s just not into it. She likes to write, and if given a choice, would rather write an essay than create a visual with the content, so I’m pretty proud of what she’s done here!

Update: Kaleigh earned 23/25 on her project, with 5/5 for presentation! What do we think of Pinterest now? 😉

Have you caught the Pinterest bug? Where have you put your Pinterest inspiration into action?



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All Photos by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise indicated

12 thoughts on “The Reach of Pinterest: Highschool Project Inspired by Mom’s Pin!”

  • That’s way more fun than any history project I ever did! Kaleigh’s Chinese timeline looks great – you never know what kind of inspiration you’ll find on Pinterest, do you 🙂

    I pinned a picture that I found on Houzz that’s totally inspiring the look I want in our soon-to-be renovated master bathroom. In fact, I have a whole board of inspiration pictures specifically for our bathroom reno 🙂 Yes, I’ve totally caught the Pinterest bug!

  • Hello sweetie! 🙂

    How are you doing? It was so nice hearing from you. Mentioning you and your blog is a pleasure for me. I love this place and you know that, right?

    Your daughter is so beautiful! She looks so much like you! This is a brilliant idea! I have to try to do something similar with my kids during summer.

    Have a great day, Sheila.


    Luciane at

  • Your daughter is as beautiful as you Sheila! I think this project is pretty enough to hang up on the wall. I would be very proud of her too! I hope she gets the ‘A’ she deserves.

  • This is absolutely stunning!!! What a great idea and perfect connection to the Asian history theme. As for Pinterest …… I need to go to Pinterestoholics anonymous.

    • Awe, thank you Tracey! I’ll pass that on to Kaleigh – it’ll make her smile 🙂 You might see me there, too – at Pinterestoholics anonymous!!! Isn’t it addicting? But in a good way, I think!

    • Thanks Shauna! Kaleigh has gotten her mark back now, so I’ve updated the post. She did well – 23/25 overall, with 5/5 for presentation!!! She’s pretty happy about her mark, and I’m pleased the presentation worked out for her 🙂

    • Thanks Linda! I’ll pass that on to Kaleigh – she really enjoyed doing it in the end, and doesn’t usually like this kind of thing! I only got her set up and started, she did all the rest. It’s a pretty cool idea – who would’ve thought a 7-Up bottle could make something so pretty?

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