The Reveal of Gran’s Hidden Treasures

The Reveal of Gran’s Hidden Treasures

Remember my Gran’s sewing basket from last week? Well, today I’m revealing the other vintage surprises I found inside.

Let’s start with these…

A partially strung necklace of pearls and a handful of loose pearl beads stored in an old Bayers Aspirin bottle! Do you remember seeing the bottle in the sewing basket?

And this…

Another partially beaded necklace, this one a double strand of pearls, tucked inside an old Pentracin Lozenges bottle.

Gran had lots of partially beaded pieces, and I often wonder if she was creating or salvaging. Having lived through the Great Depression, she was known to save all kinds of things. She would be a great role model in today’s world of the three R’s!

I really love the red beads. The little red flowery ones are painted brass, and I think they’re pretty old. Do you know how old they might be?

And I wonder about these ornate clasps… what kind of necklace did they secure?

Did you notice the rhinestones? Aren’t they pretty little clasps?

And here’s another clasp mixed in with vintage round disc mother of pearl beads.

I found similar beads on Etsy, 20 for $10! Who knew? The flakes you see are from a few of the broken beads…

I can’t figure out what this little strand of amethyst beads might be from.

But I love them anyway. My Mom’s birthstone was amethyst, so these create a little extra special meaning for me.

When I discovered this rare vintage cigarette tin c. 1930s-40s, I started to laugh.

My Gran WAS.NOT a smoker. Oh no siree. She did not drink alcohol, did not wear makeup, and definitely would not have put a cigarette to Β her lips. Which might explain the mint condition of this tin!

Here’s what was inside…

Vintage seed beads and strands of black sequins. And of course, a few more partially strung pieces.

Did you notice the beaded lattice in the bottom right? Here’s a closer look at it.

Two beaded lattice pieces, and a little glass bottle with matching beads. I’m thinking this was, or was going to be a choker. How about you?

Here’s a look at a few of the old glass bottles Gran stored some of these beads in.

And here’s a look at a few I’ve added to the mix.

Dollar Store Glass Craft Bottles

I found these at the Dollar Store!

And just for fun, here are a few of the other things that were tucked away in the sewing basket.

Vintage fishing line…

I’m guessing this was used to bead with, but isn’t fishing line a staple for every crafter’s kit?

What do you think about this glitter glue pen? I bet today’s glitter pens are a lot easier to use!

And how about this mirror metallic glitter in a glass bottle? I love it!

I saved this last little treasure for last…

I don’t know if my grandmother embroidered these butterflies, or if she saved them from the work of another. I do know this could easily be her work, because she was incredible with her hands, and her embroidery was almost flawless.

This is the front of the piece…

And this is the back!

Isn’t it hard to tell the difference? The butterfly in the middle is the clue.

It’s so much fun to find hidden treasures inside of treasures. I don’t know what I’m going to do with everything yet, but I do know one of these days I’m going to do something. What would you do?

Oh, BTW, there was one more very cool item in the bottom of the sewing basket, but I thought I’d save it for another day. I’m hoping I can unearth a little bit of its history first! Nicole Scott, it made me think of you πŸ˜‰

I’ve been featured over at Junkin Joe’s once again. Thank you so much Andrea for being such a super-duper host!



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Photographs by Sheila Zeller

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