The Romantic Gesture In An Equestrian Gift

The Romantic Gesture In An Equestrian Gift

Valentine’s Day has already come and gone, but I promised you this post for today.

See, even tweeted that it was coming!

So you know all about the current equestrian trend in decor, right?

I bet you’re familiar with this well discussed dining room by Sarah Richardson.

Source: HGTV

 Or maybe this lamp from West Elm.

Source: West Elm

You might have even seen these bookends on Pinterest along the way.

Source: Pinterest

Been inspired by a feature wall like the one in this room designed by Thom Filicia.

Source: House Beautiful

Or planned to invest in a smaller piece for big impact.

Source: Pinterest

So how does all this tie into a romantic gesture?

Bet you can’t guess!

Equestrian is the clue 😉

Well… have you ever wished for a set of these?

Yup, this is it. The first equestrian addition to our home decor… shiny new saw horses to adorn our garage!

A surprise Valentine’s gift to me from hubby! Told you it was a romantic gesture!

Valentine’s Day isn’t a big thing for us… cards, chocolate, a nice meal in and a little wine… So for me, a DIY-er at heart, to be given a set of saw horses when gifts aren’t part of the plan… well it feels like I’ve been pretty spoiled!

Want to see how I was doing things before?

We have two of these Asian stools. And they’re not really meant to be work horses, not in a saw horse kind of way!

But you do what you gotta do when it comes to a DIY fix.

And now thanks to my hubby extraordinaire, I have  a set of good things that come in a well designed package!

Saw horses people, saw horses! 😉

They’re compact and portable.

Yet sturdy and strong… they will hold up to 1200 lbs! I’m not kidding!

Adjustable in height.

See the extra holes on the legs?

A wider span to work on compared to the Asian stools.

With an anti-slip strip on the top.

And they even bounce a bit of light 😉

Isn’t my hubby the best?

If I told you he bought me a light-weight drill for Mother’s Day one year, I bet you’d wish for that too!

Seriously, for me these are the kind of gifts that fit the saying, ‘good things come in small packages’… you saw how compact they are when folded down! And I’m feel’n the love, because I’ve been wanting a set of saw horses for a long time now. The romance is in the thought behind the gift 🙂

How about you? Would you find this equestrian pair a romantic gesture, too?

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. Contact me if you need a little help!



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