The Story Behind the Scrolls

The Story Behind the Scrolls

I teased you in my last post by promising a little story behind these two scrolls hanging on our wall.

Do you remember them?

Well, to tell you the truth, the story isn’t anything mind blowing. It’s just an example of how a moment in time was preserved, another fibre woven into a tapestry of stories whispered in a space.

You see, these scrolls came from Korea, a business trip my hubs was on a number of years back. Only then, we weren’t an official Mr. & Mrs., just a couple figuring it out! So he brought home one scroll for me to hang in my home, and the other for his. A pair, even though they lived apart.

This is the background on the scrolls, which was included inside the box with each one…

So when you know this piece, it suddenly helps you see the scrolls from a much deeper perspective.

I’d like to show you a close-up of the Jeon-gak of each scroll.

This is the one that hung in my home first.

And this is what it means.

Jeon-gak 'A Beautiful House'

Can you see the house in the red square? Hubs picked this out for me because it spoke to him of creating beautiful spaces, and making a home.

Here’s the one that he picked out for his place.

And what it means…

This meant to him that you need to be surrounded by that which is important to you.

And now, the scrolls hang together in our home.

The rest they say, is history!

And yes, a part of our story that is shared in our space.

How about you? What special moments have you featured in your home?

It’s a great time to assess those things that are special to you. What things have you got tucked away? Anything you can think of off hand? Why not pull them out, and give them a chance to shine?

Thanks for stopping in!

All Photos by Sheila Zeller 

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