The Vintage Past of Kelly Green

The Vintage Past of Kelly Green

With the resurgence of Kelly Green front and center, I thought it would be fun to step back in time and see what Kelly was up to in the good old days.

Do you remember this brilliant green?

If you were around in the 80’s I bet you do… but weren’t the 80’s just yesterday? Anyway, for a colour that was ‘so yesterday’, be ready to see a whole lot more of it in the coming year.

Especially in fixtures like this retro pendant.

Source: Green & Indie Design Blog

And in furniture like this Mid-Century Modern velvet chair.

Source: Caitlin Creer Interiors

 Or how about these Saarinen styled pieces, c. 1960’s?

Source: Manly Vintage

But if you really want to see Kelly Green in all her vintage splendor, then you have to check out what Murano glass brings to the table. Murano glass has been around for a very long time, and was popular in decor through the Mid-Century Modern era and into the 70’s.

The small island of Murano lies just off the coast of Venice, Italy. As innovators in the late 1200s, Murano glassmakers were ‘kept hostage’ on the island for fear of fire from their furnaces and to prevent the secret of their art from being replicated by the rest of the world. Murano glass masters today create traditional pieces to contemporary art glass and sculptures, figurines, paperweights, vases and even glass chandeliers. (Source: eHow)

We’re seeing Murano inspired art glass surfacing again, but the pieces you’re about to see are authentic vintage from the time.

Like these Murano glass lamps, c. 1960s.

Source: Swank Lighting Blog

They are pretty swanky, don’t you think?

And I love these ones, c. 1950s…

Source: 1st Dibs

I also came across some very cool and unusual Murano pieces.

Like this vintage Sommerso vase.

Source: Etsy

And this Sommerso free form Wave bowl…

Source: Mercer and Dibble

The shape of this bowl is typical of Murano art glass – random, curving, and definitely free form.

Another Murano piece you might think is a vase, but it’s not, is this sculpture exemplifying what art glass is all about.

Source: Amazon

Pure beauty that captivates your attention, and pleases your eye.

Back in the day ashtrays were an expected accessory in homes, and Murano glass made gorgeous ashtrays.

Source: Retrospect

I like the chunky weight of this piece, and how the green changes as the light hits it. Pretty exquisite, and definitely a statement of what was glamourized in its time!

Murano, of course, wasn’t the only creator of unique glass pieces…

How about this very cool orb ashtray?

Source: Stylehive

It’s a Mid-Century Modern Viking art glass piece. Doesn’t this just exude the old boys club?

But we can’t let the boys have all the fun now can we?

For the ladies, a vintage Avon perfume bottle.

Source: Pinterest

A little bit of Hollywood Glam… what’s not to love?

You could vignette the little perfume bottle with this antique set of crystal candlesticks, c. late 19th Century…

Source: Spicer & Bank Blog

Or maybe a few of these Depression glass pieces…

Source: Etsy

Just think of the eye-catching displays one can create.

The possibilities are endless.

There were so many amazing pieces, I wanted to share them all. But green is one of my favorite colours, and I know it’s often a ‘love it or hate it’ colour, so I’ll stop here.

Well, okay… just one more. And only because the shape of this vintage art glass bowl, c. 1960s, is so pretty…

Source: Etsy

And I can’t believe it doubled as an ashtray! Can you see the grooves for the cigarettes? Oh, and if you’re looking to pick up a Murano glass ashtray, pop on over to Audrey Would! We happen to have this one available!

Murano Glass Ashtray, Green Swirl

Source: Audrey Would! Vintage Home

What do you think of the revival of Kelly Green? Are you a green person? Do you have any vintage pieces hiding away?

Thanks for stopping by! 

Photograph sources noted below each image. Please link and credit if you choose to use. 

19 thoughts on “The Vintage Past of Kelly Green”

  • Thanks for the link up Sheila. I love kelly green in fact the new tote I just bought is just that colour. Wonderful colour for a redhead. 😉
    I am very partial to those green lamps that you like as well. They are simply stunning!

  • Love Kelly green!! You’ve found some delicious things, Sheila… there’s something quite special about the late 19C candle sticks, but I believe my favourite item would have to be the last mid-century art glass bowl; love the simplicity!!

    • I think the candle sticks just sparkle, and can only imagine what they would be like to enjoy in person… you mentioned the green velvet chair in the other comment – would love to find that one for you! Isn’t it a beauty?

  • Sheila, I always learn so much and look so forward to reading your blog. I might not comment everyday but I just want you to know I read and look forward to reading them every day. I especially loved your post about the grain sacks…have a good weekend!

  • I am green fan, but thought I would never rekindle a fondness for Kelly ~ alas, Sheila, I think I can love her all over again! Rock on 80’s Revival!!

  • I’m a big fan of green. In fact, green is my favorite color so all of these images are great in my book. I think my Mom has a few pieces of glassware that are kelly green. I also love that dining room featured in Veranda with the long green draperies – that image sticks with me.

  • I love this color and am trying to find some place in my house to incorporate it. I have a small collection of green bottles that are in my office since I have a green chair in there, and it’s a great color to have as a pop to neutrals (which I have a lot of).

    Nice post!

  • Hi Sheila,
    When I was in Italy this summer, the island of Murano was on my list. I watched how glass is created into beautiful pieces of art. It was truely amazing!! The show room was off limits to cameras so it would seem they are still protecting the secret of their art. I was able to bring home a small vase and dish. You must visit this island if ever in Italy.

    I especially enjoyed this article, Sheila, nice work!!

    • Hi Linda!
      I love seeing your name pop up – so glad you caught this post. Every time I write something on a vintage piece, I think about you!!! You actually went to Murano? I was in Italy 12 years ago, but Murano wasn’t one of our stops. We did go to Venice and watched the Venetian glass blowers in action… and the same thing. NO CAMERAS, and back then the internet wasn’t the same factor that it is today, but still, the art behind the craftsmanship was highly protected. I would love to visit Murano – I am genuinely in awe of the Murano glass creations, and it would be a highlight to see it for myself. One day! 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing – did you post any photos of the pieces on FB? Would love to see them!

  • Hello Sheila,

    My husband & I collect Murano glassware. We have two lovely Murano lamps like the one you found. Our two have metallic bases. We frequent antique shops/shows in Orange County, CA.

    Found these two about 8 years ago at a show at the Orange County Fairgrounds. We took our lamps to Victor’s Lighting in Orange and they chose a very complimentary shades for our two lamps. We have them in our living room. Sorry no pics but wanted to know if there is any value to them as they have the metallic base instead of the glass base as yours.

    My best,
    Lynda Coleman

    • Hi Lynda,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing the description of your lucky treasure find! If they are Murano, there is value – the question becomes how much value based on (no pun intended) the metallic base vs. the glass base. I am definitely not an expert, and this is a great question to ask of one, but just know that Murano glass carries value. I would really love to see pics!
      Thank you again for stopping by!

  • yea…
    thanks for this post and am soo in love with the kelly green colour.But I need to know what other colour can be combined with it sides black.

    • Hi Harmony,

      Well, Kelly Green goes with so many other colours, the key is to keep the undertones in the same family. Which colours depends on your personal style. Pink, yellow, orange, blue, white… they all work, but you need to stay with cool undertones. Don’t mix up muted, muddy undertones with Kelly Green or they will just look muddier, and it won’t do anything for the green. Good luck with your mixing and matching!!


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