Throw Pillows & Bedroom ‘Before’

Throw Pillows & Bedroom ‘Before’

As we finish one DIY project for Kaleigh’s room, another is about to begin. So I thought it would be fun to give you a ‘before’ with all the pillow forms in place . The next time you see them they will be covered in the fabric Kaleigh has selected, which I showed you here.

Here is how we marked the pillow forms so I know what to cover each one with.

Can you tell this is a working list in progress?

Let’s start with the bed.

If you use the legend above you will see the three Euro pillows are slated to be beige burlap…

The two 16x16s in front of them will be in the gold fabric that is on the pine chest…

And then the long narrow 19×9 will be covered in the turquoise fabric.

Can you see the graduated colour of the turquoise? I think this will be really effective on the long narrow pillow.

You can see the pillows on the pine chest are also tagged. Here is a full shot of that area.

The pillows tagged in bright pink are slated to be covered in black burlap…

And the middle one in the turquoise fabric. They are stacked the way K thinks she wants them to be, but we’ll see how that goes once everything is finished. The poster, ‘A Fire Inside’ is Kaleigh’s long-time favorite band, AFI, and she wants this hung above the pine chest.

Are you keeping track of how many pillows have to be covered so far? If you counted 9, you’re right. There will be 14 in total, and here’s where the other five are.

These are going to be covered, three in the turquoise and two in the gold fabric, and placed alternatingly on the sofa.

This star might be sprayed out as well, but Kaleigh’s not sure what colour yet.

She’s thinking of hanging it in her ensuite, but she might opt to have it in her main space instead. So the colour decision will have to wait until the rest of the projects are completed for her room.

And then there’s the TV stand… and no, this isn’t it!

We have found the perfect piece and will be re-purposing it to hold the TV and conceal the PVR. It will be a major project for me, and a whole new blog post… or two! We’re really excited about this project and I can’t wait to let you in on the story behind it! Kaleigh will be working with me, so this will truly be a labour of love times two!

And on this wall we’re thinking of stacking the bulletin boards…

But we won’t know for sure until everything else is in place… well everything other than the TV stand. And we don’t know if we’ll be doing something fun and funky with the bulletin boards or not. Kaleigh already knows what she’s putting on them, and she assures me they’ll be fully covered!

So here is one more look into the room as it waits for each project to be completed…

We’ll be keeping an eye out for artwork and other things to complete the look, but next up are the pillows, all 14 of them, for re-covering! Am I crazy, or would you take on 14 pillows at once, too?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use!

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