Time To Get The Cleanse On!

Time To Get The Cleanse On!

And so…


My cupboards are overflowing, my counters no longer bare,

My closet has no spare hangers, but I can’t find anything to wear!

My pantry shelves are full, yet I don’t know what to cook,

And too much stuff is collecting everywhere I look!!!


Sound familiar? Guess what I’ve been doing?

That’s right. It’s a new year, and I’m tackling the slow creep of too much stuff!

Because this is my goal…

Not the time, not the clearing of my head, but rather a beautiful place, instead! And the slow creep of too much stuff is not beautiful!

So I’m purging, sorting, and organizing my way through the three Rs…




How about you? Has the new year motivated you to get your cleanse on? What are you keeping, and do you know why?

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Photograph by Sheila Zeller; Quote from Pinterest


10 thoughts on “Time To Get The Cleanse On!”

  • Too funny – I just went through my closet yesterday, removing clothing that I hadn’t worn in the last year. Years ago, I was encouraged by something my sister-in-law does every January. She resolves to buy as few groceries as possible, by preparing meals with things that have been lingering in the freezer. I try to do the same, and it is amazing how rewarding it feels.

  • Oh I will be getting my cleanse on starting tomorrow. Both in the house and in the body. I love to purge the house but even more I love to eat clean for the month of January although I’m sure I’ll miss the cocktails this weekned:)

  • I have been sooooo getting my cleanse on!!!! I tackled a couple of cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, consigning all the clothes I haven’t worn in a year. Did a project to finish off my clothes closet which I think you might just have to wait until I post it on my blog soon. Have fun cleaning!!!

  • Yes!! I consigned a bunch of clothes with the top drawer in ladysmith, really cleaned…like on hands and knees …my floors and I’m psyched to tackle the garage next. I have some design projects that will be finishing up soon so all the”stuff” Ive been storing for others will finally make it’s way out!

  • I’m with you! Winter is the new Spring Cleaning, right?!! 😉 The post-Christmas mess is such a great impetus to get rid of unnecessary stuff and clean up the house! Have fun! (At least I consider it fun! lol)

  • Am on the same page! Have been deliberately sorting, cleaning, and purging. Loving the space it is creating. Even purged the Christmas decorations BEFORE i stashed them away. And food – yes, we are eating what we have this month – trying to buy as little as possible…amazing what one can create although it takes more thought.
    Good luck with yours!

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