Top 5 Posts Picked by You!

Top 5 Posts Picked by You!

Back in the summer my blog had its first birthday (or one-year anniversary 🙂 ), and in October it crossed the threshold of 200 posts. In celebrating both, I shared the top 10 posts to that point with you here.

So before we get too far into 2012, I thought I’d share what ended up being SZInteriors’ top 5 posts of the year… and these posts were picked by you!

1. Tread Confidently!


I love this image of a young Audrey Hepburn on the folding screen – how apropos, don’t you think? And I’m especially loving this great trunk! But neither are the focus of this article. What this post features are beautiful staircases, mostly hardwood, with some information on stair tread safety. You’ll also see from the images that I’m definitely drawn to floating staircases – LOVE them!

2. Steve Hanks: Works of Art for the Soul


Steve Hanks is one of my favorite water colour artists. I think his work is incredible in how he captures the essence of emotion, wonder and feeling within each piece. When I wrote this article I was trying to put a positive spin on all the frustration that seemed to be abundant with the ongoing dreary weather at the time… rain, rain, and more RAIN.

3. Shiny Brites: Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments


I really enjoyed researching and writing this article because it felt so close to my heart. I grew up with Shiny Brites, and from all the comments and feedback I got, so did many of you. I love that this article seemed to strike a cord in so many of you, and I think some of my most treasured comments are the ones that said you couldn’t wait to inspect your own blown glass ornaments… or your parents, or your grandparents… more closely to see if they were Shiny Brites. I feel like a piece of me has celebrated your Christmas with you, and I am incredibly touched by that.

Thank you.

4. Blue, Green & White… Dynamite!


Okay, some posts might come back to bite you! This post was written during the 2011 Stanley Cup finals between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins… and we all know how that went! Being a Canadian girl from BC, I’m a Canuck fan, and apparently, according to the popularity of this post, so are a whole bunch of you! So all I can say is, Go-Canucks-Go! We’re rooting for you 🙂

5. Duvets: Wool or Down?


With all the articles I’ve written, I have to say this one surprised me to be in the top 5. And I’m intrigued as to why. I’ve been planning to write a follow-up post since we’ve now been using our wool duvet for 6 months, just to give you our thoughts and weigh-in on wool vs. down. I’d love to hear from you if you have used both, because clearly people are wondering. And that’s what my blog is all about – trying to provide readers with useful and helpful information.

This next article, though it ended up sitting at 9th overall, was the most visited in a day…

Uncork It: Drink the Wine, Save the Cork!

Source Unknown

And it was such a fun post to write! If you haven’t checked it out, what you will find are a bunch of creative ways to repurpose wine corks. Who knew this ‘spike’ would spike your interest too! 😉

So there you have it! The top 5 posts picked by you for 2011. Since some of the more recent articles haven’t had a lot of time to make their mark, it’ll be interesting to see where the favorites fall this time next year!

Were any of these articles ones you enjoyed reading? I’d love to know what you like!

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Posts Picked by You!”

    • Oh Victoria, I think I wrote that piece wrong 🙁 I’ve been writing my blog since July 2010, but really full-time since February 2011… Sorry about that – I’ve gone in and made that a bit clearer… but I do appreciate your comment! Thank you so much 🙂

  • I have a lot of reading to catch up on since I missed a lot prior to discovering your blog, but the Shiny Brights post is one of my favorites along with anything MCM related.

  • Wow I have some catching up to do! You are one busy lady! I just love the energy and content you put into each blog post. I consistent posts that I look forward to when I open my daily emails.

    • Tracey, thank you so much! What an awesome compliment. I feel the same with your blog… and especially because I KNOW there will always be amazing photos. How I wish my photos looked like yours! I’m still ‘seeing’ your linen closet and office in my mind… love those photos and what you did with those spaces!

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