Treasure Seeking in a Thrifty Kind of Way!

Last week my treasure hunting created a mystery with the large vintage shortening bin I picked up at a garage sale. And Andrea was super sweet in featuring it this week! Thank you so much for the feature, Andrea!

Well my mystery is no closer to being solved, but this week you might think I was becoming a tin collector!

Here’s what came home with me from a little treasure hunting excursion 🙂

That’s right. A vintage Empress jam can, c. 1940s-50s! That’s the tin collecting part, but I’m not actually ‘collecting’ tins… yet!  😉

I came home with this great little vintage piece. Love the old cardboard luggage, though this one might have been a briefcase!

This old glass bottle was also part of the mix. The glass at the bottom is super thick, and poured on an angle.

I don’t know what it was used for, but I thought it was kind of cool. I also liked this wine carafe because of its shape. Most the ones you find are round from bottom to top.

So these are my treasure finds this week! A little vintage and a lot of loooove!

When I bought the jam tin, the cashier asked me what I planned to do with it. I told her it might hold pens and pencils on my desk! What would you do with it?

Today I’m heading back over to the Junkin Joe Linky Party, ’cause the last one was just way too much fun! I hope you pop over and check out all the other vintage treasures, projects and thrifty finds!

And here’s a special shout out toAndrea at The Cottage Market for hosting! Thank you, Andrea!!!

Thank you for stopping by!

Photographs by Sheila Zeller; please link and credit if you choose to use!

15 Replies to “Treasure Seeking in a Thrifty Kind of Way!”

  1. Great finds Sheila! Love the old bottles, I would use them for vases, as you are or,the carafe would make a nice water jug on a casual table. Neat suitcase too, what will you store in it?

    1. Great question, Lisa. I haven’t decided yet, what I’ll store in the suitcase. Right now it’s joined my larger one, and they’re stacked at the end of the couch like a side table. I like the way they look together. My large one has a collection of past issued of my favorite magazines…

    1. You know what, I think this little suitcase could have been a briefcase. It’s the right size, maybe slightly larger, but not much. But when I Googled for some clues to its age and typed in briefcase, it was crazy what came up. So I typed in luggage, and got much better results. How sad about the briefcase you came across. Makes you wonder what its story is…

  2. Love that suitcase! Would you believe I had 3 piled up at an estate sale then went outside to see what was in the garage. I found so much amazing stuff in the garage, that I never went back for the suitcases – and they are only $5 each. Oh well, there’s always next time.

    Looks like you are becoming a tin collector – you know it only takes 3 to make a collection. It would be a great pencil holder, planter, bathroom storage, makeup brush holder …

  3. What an awesome display my friend! Thanks for sharing and hope your week has been a good one! I put a question out on facebook for your tin — hoping I get someone that might know about it!!! : ) you take care now and sending tons of hugs…

  4. I’ve got too many treasures to recap (but I guess that’s not a bad thing). I’ve been hitting up Phantastic Phinds again – picked up 4 goodies today. And great finds for you – mmm…I think that tin would be fun for a small flower display. I like the idea of pens and pencils too.

    1. I love seeing what treasures others find on their outings and in their travels! It’s so neat to see what is lurking just waiting to be discovered. I sure wish Phantastic Phinds was within reach 🙂

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