Turning Rain Barrels Into Curb Appeal!

Turning Rain Barrels Into Curb Appeal!

I’ve read so many posts, tweets, and Facebook comments on our extended ‘wet’ season, and have certainly contributed to them myself, that I thought it was time for a positive twist on our rain situation.

Rain barrels. Eco friendly, practical, technology old as the hills… They come in many shapes and sizes, in a variety of materials, and can be a huge benefit during the hot, dry summer months.  You can even choose to make them a decorative accent to your exterior styling too!

Like this rustic half barrel.


I love how it blends in and adds a touch of charm to this spot. Isn’t it awesome?

Or this old whiskey keg.


I like the way the colour of the strapping around the barrel blends with the bricks. I would consider painting the downpipe so it blended in as well.

And if you want to be extra creative, keep the platform in mind that you set the rain barrel on.


Nice work with the bricks. Lifting the barrel up off the ground like this makes filling a watering can easier too.

Or you can tuck a barrel right into the corner where it’s out of the way.


And where it’s hardly noticeable.

If your spot is out in the open, you can embrace the fact and integrate your barrel in a bright and cheerful way.


I really like how this barrel sits up making no excuses for why it’s there, and proudly displays the flowers on top.

This terracotta inspired barrel is actually a Cascata rain barrel.


Believe it or not, this barrel is made of molded plastic that is able to withstand extreme temperatures and will not chip, crack, or fade. Who would’ve known?

If you want to be really creative, maybe a painted barrel is the look for you.


Can you see the possibilities? The sky is the limit if you choose to head down this artistic path!

And if you have the space, these super-size rain barrels would be a very practical option to help carry you through a long, hot spell.

SZInteriors Photo

I would definitely do something to camouflage their industrial ‘not-so-chic’ looks though. Like maybe attaching a lattice screen around them, or painting them in some way to make them look nicer. There’s no reason to stop half way!

Did you know that  residential irrigation can account for up to 40% of domestic water consumption? That’s just one reason why rain harvesting is so important, and with the downpours we’ve had, now is a great time to get started!

Illustration: Annie Bissett

Installing your own rain barrel takes little more than a large container placed below your downspout, a childproof screen to keep out bugs and debris, a spigot to access the water, and an overflow valve. To keep mosquitoes away, try a “mosquito donut,” which bans the bugs but won’t harm plants or pets.   Source

So when you look outside and see this…


Just turn the tables into this!


How’s the rain so far?


Much prettier now, don’t you think?

With the rain we’ve been getting now, there’s no reason for your curb appeal to suffer later! Do you already have a rain barrel? Would you consider having one?

It’s about coming home… inside and out. If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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