Umbrella Stands Take A Stand!

Umbrella Stands Take A Stand!

We’re on a nice little stretch of sunshine, and loving every minute of it. Do you think it’s here to stay?

Can you believe that just a few days ago this was happening outside… A-G-A-I-N?

Look at the rain pounding off the pavement.

And pouring from the sky.

Do you think this is what ‘sheets’ of rain look like?

And this is all that rain running down the driveway…

Seriously, doesn’t this look like a river? Pretty incredible.

But the serious part is all this lands at your doorstep in one way or another. Either the wet coats and shoes that come in from the rain, or the sopping wet umbrellas that protected you from the rain… that is if they didn’t turn inside-out on you 🙁

Do you have a place for wet umbrellas to go when they come in out of the rain?


How about this owl! I love this guy… isn’t he awesome?


And here he is again in a different setting. What does your entry look like inside?

I think this entry is so pretty.


Everything about it feels welcoming and cheerful, especially that fabulous blue door!

And I love this door too! Did you notice the view? It definitely wouldn’t be as lush without the rain!


You can see this home is prepped for wet weather!

This entry has so many great details, where do you start?


I think the chandelier is très magnifique, and what a great bench! Love the clear umbrella stand too!

This last one I just had to include, even though the umbrella stand is already occupied! But I bet you can fit at least one umbrella in there…


I know antlers are becoming ‘has been done’, but they haven’t all been done like these ones! I think this chandelier is amazing… this space inviting.

So what do you do with your soggy wet umbrella? To be honest, I always let mine drip dry in the bathtub before putting it away in the umbrella stand. But it does go into the stand eventually!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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