Vintage Amber Glassware

Vintage Amber Glassware

Little did I know that amber glassware would be making its way into my home after all these years!

Growing up I remember my Mom having a set of these apothecary jars on the kitchen counter.


They were really more like canisters because as I recall she had four of them on the counter, 3 large and 1 small. And now, gasp, this very jar is considered vintage!

We also had this Hazel-Atlas candy dish, and it came out mainly during Christmas. I actually remember Christmas candy being put in it… speaking of vintage, do you remember the sticky, colourful old fashioned Christmas candy mix?


This dish is in the pinwheel & leaf pattern, and is circa 1970s.

My Mom had a little amber glass dish similar to this Anchor-Hocking ‘Star & Cameo’ patterned one too.


Hers was more plain than this one, but she also had a set of clear dessert dishes exactly like this one. In fact, they’re still around! The amber dish was depression glass, as well as the clear dishes.

But I bet you’re wondering why this sudden interest in the amber glassware. Well, Kaleigh and I were antiquing for a few decorative dishes for her bathroom. She had a covered candy dish in mind for her Q-tips, and really wanted something on a pedestal. Originally she was looking for something in clear glass. So imagine my surprise when she spied the amber glass and changed her vision on the spot!

This is what she chose.

SZInteriors Photo

Another vintage Anchor-Hocking piece, this one being a ‘Fairfield’ amber glass candy dish. I saw one on-line without the lid and it was being sold for more than we paid for this one! Lucky us 🙂

And we also found this…

SZInteriors Photo

A mini ice cream dish which will be used as a soap dish.

You can see from the counter top that the amber glass is a great match. And with the gold in Kaleigh’s new colour scheme (you can read about it here, here, and here), the amber creates a nice flow between her bedroom and ensuite. You’ll get to see more photos as Kaleigh’s new scheme comes together… one project at a time 😉

But for now, here are the two pieces sitting beside each other.

SZInteriors Photo

They’re not a set, but they definitely compliment each other.

It’s interesting seeing Kaleigh’s choices come together. Who would have thought popular glassware from my childhood would turn up in my teenage daughter’s décor scheme? Hmmm, what goes ’round comes ’round, and this is especially true with the décor trends today. What’s old is new again!

Do you remember any amber glassware in your home? Do you have any now?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise indicated.

9 thoughts on “Vintage Amber Glassware”

  • Love it.What a great idea for the bathroom. My mom never had any of this glass but my husband’s mom had a lot…too bad she got rid of all of it because it would actually look nice in my bathroom as well.

  • ooh, love the vintage amber – i’ve got a bunch of it, including stemware. i’ve also got vintage green and blue glassware, too. the great thing about that 70’s era stuff is that it is sturdy – not like depression glass.

  • Kaleigh’s choices are terrific; the vintage amber glass is lovely!! It’s fun to watch our kids grow and develop their sense of design style… Brian and I visited an antique store in Coombs where I spyed and HAD to purchase this fantastic, mid-century, extremely heavy clear blown/melted glass bowl. I loved it!! Soon after we returned from our trip my son came to visit, saw the bowl and said, “You bought this for me?” Ya… right kid! Since then his regular joke (not really a joke-type joke!) is asking me when he’s going to get his bowl. How cool that he’s drawn to mid-century modern design!!

  • Hello,
    Are readers allowed to contact you in regard to amber glass dishes and include a picture? I have a dish that is unusual and very hard to describe. I can only guess that it is a candy dish.
    It would not have had a lid.
    It is footed.
    It is 8 inches long, 4 3/4 in. wide, and about 2 3/4 in. deep. It has the appearance of a clam shell.
    I see there are many companies that made amber glass ware. This dish has no marks.
    If I can’t send a picture, can you guess at the purpose and maker of it?
    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Kerry,

      It is absolutely fine to contact me with questions about vintage pieces you have. I am not an expert but I do my best to find the answer to your question(s). I will connect with you in a separate email!

      Thanks so much for your comment here 🙂

  • I have quite a bit of this Amber in sandwich pattern. Little hearts, a cute Rooster sitting on his nest. You pick up the rooster and a candy dish is in his nest. Also have wine or liquor set. I say liquor because it has some very small glasses in about shot size. If you are ever interested in getting some or all of my collection let me know. I’ve been doing some Fall clearing. I also have a vintage set of Iridescent Tiara.Enjoy. I loved hunting all mine down but now in Grandpa mode and downsizing .

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