Vintage Delicates for Valentine’s Decor

Vintage Delicates for Valentine’s Decor

I was intrigued a while back when I read an article in Kravet Inspired News: The History of Lace. There was a suggestion, a hint that we’ll be seeing lace again in fashion and decor. Of course, this stemming from the lace adorned wedding dress of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Here you see a close-up of the back of the dress.

Source: My Royals Blog

And ever since I read the article, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for some sign of lace showing up in decor. I don’t mean to compare this stunning gown to a doily, but there is a correlation in the intricate work because both are painstakingly created by hand.

So let’s take a look at some vintage doilies and lace.

Source: Jen Ulasiewicz Designs

When you think about it, the detail involved in creating a doily is pretty incredible. Not to mention the hours of time…

I grew up with doilies in our home. I watched my Mom crochet them, my Grandmother knit them, my aunts and friends of my Mom’s making them too.

Source: Country Living

Source: Country Living

Source: Ravenhill Blog

My Grandmother also made lace trim. She sewed the trim onto pillow cases, edged fabric table cloths and runners… and these pieces were often hand embroidered by her, too.

Source: Junk to Joy Blog

I never really picked it up as a thing to do. My Mom taught me to knit, and I crocheted a few things, but never doilies or lace. I think part of that was because times were changing by the time I was learning the craft. So doilies just weren’t in my decorating box of tricks.


Source: Southern Vintage Georgia

But I am very lucky to have some beautiful pieces from both my Mom and my Grandmother. One thing to keep in mind, shaping, starching and pressing is part of the care in having them…

Source: Carolyn’s Homework Blog

And this is something I’m not very good at. Did you know there’s a fine art to this, too?

So how are doilies and lace popping up in decor?

Well definitely we’re seeing the return of  doilies in their traditional layering way,

Source: The Sweet Occasion

And lace wrapped around objects like this votive, adding a soft, feminine touch.

Framed doilies are working their way into vignettes…

Source: The Smart Fish Blog

And some are being hand-stitched onto pillows and curtain panels.

This adds a romantic feel to the room…

Source: Country Living

From one side to the other!

Source: Simply Pretty Wedding Blog

So if you’re looking for some extra Valentine’s flair, you might want to give doilies and lace another chance!

You never know what memories they will help you make 😉 But before you to head off to create memories…

I just have to show you this photo.

Source: Pinterest

Isn’t this a cool shot? The ocean is my favorite place to be, and I love driftwood, so you can see why I couldn’t resist sharing this one!

Anyway, just wondering, do you have any vintage doilies or lace? Do you use them, or keep them tucked away?

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. Contact me if you need a little help!



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