Vintage Look – Modern Device

Vintage Look – Modern Device

When I saw this iPhone desktop stand I was instantly smitten. How cool is this? A vintage look for a modern device!

I don’t own an iPhone, but this stand from Hammacher Schlemmer makes it very tempting. Don’t you just love the throw-back to our landline phones? What I really like about this stand is that it not only looks great as a feature on your desk, but it is super functional. Here is what Hammacher Schlemmer has to say:

This is the stand that transforms an iPhone into a more comfortable desktop handset phone. With the handset in one hand, your other hand is free to navigate an iPhone’s applications, such as calendars, e-mail, and the Internet. The headset plugs into an iPhone’s headphones jack; the iPhone can charge from a computer or wall outlet via your USB charging cable and adapter while the headset is powered by your iPhone’s battery. The anodized aluminum stand places an iPhone at a convenient angle and stays secure on a desktop using four non-slip silicone pads. The platform accommodates an iPhone vertically or horizontally, with or without a protective case; works with any cell phone with a standard earbud jack.

7 1/4″ L x 8″ W x 3 1/4″ H. (1 lb.)

I think this illustrates how great design can create  new possibilities, like any great design can.

If you own an iPhone, do you have this stand to go with it? Don’t own an iPhone? Do you wish your cell phone had something like this too? I do.

” Hello, Blackberry. Blackberry? Are you there???”

…Hmmmm, must’ve lost the signal.


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Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer

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