Vintage Lowney’s Campfire Marshmallow Tin

Vintage Lowney’s Campfire Marshmallow Tin

Not too long ago on a thrifting round I spied a bright, cheerful tin hanging out with a bunch of old tools and things.

Vintage Lowney's Marshmallow Tin c1930-40s

Maybe it was the ‘Campfire’ label that suggested a fit, but to me it looked out of place among the rusty grit and grime of the others.

So I pulled it off the shelf to take a closer look.

Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

Marshmallows. Who knew marshmallows once came in a tin? Along with a ‘Tested and Approved’ Good Housekeeping Institute seal of approval to boot! No wonder this tin didn’t belong in the grimy group!

A little digging confirmed the tin originated in Montreal, and was manufactured by Walter M. Lowney Co. Limited – as in Lowney’s the maker of all things candy, chocolates ‘n yummy, sweet treats! According to the Canadian Museum of Civilization this particular tin dates back to no earlier than 1930, and no later than 1940. I love it when dates are so precise!

Here’s another look at the sweet marshmallow tin.

Vintage Lowrey's Marshmallow Tin c.1930-40

I didn’t leave it behind, but I didn’t bring it home for me, either. My friend, Heather loves yellow, and was on the hunt for a cool, old tin so I decided to pass this one on to her. I figured orange was part of the happy yellow family, and the label more than made up for the rest!

Here’s how she utilized the tin.

Vintage Campfire Marshmallow Tin Sewing Box, c.1930-40

{Photo by Heather McLeod}

And this is the nice little note she sent with the photo above.

I LOVE my marshmallow tin. It fits all those awkward sewing supplies that don’t fit in my little tins (e.g. the one on the right), like fabric pens and tall stuff and scissors. I haven’t come close to filling it yet.

Thank you Sheila!!!

And this is what treasure seeking is all about. I love it when outings end like this!

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I hope you had a really great Easter weekend!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise stated.

18 thoughts on “Vintage Lowney’s Campfire Marshmallow Tin”

  • I love this tin Sheila! You find the most interesting stuff and then you follow it up with it’s history, I always learn something new from you 🙂 I really need to get out and do more thrifting. Have a great week!

    • Awe, thank you so much, Heather! I love to learn about the pieces that thrifting brings my way – I’m always so curious about the life a piece might have once lived, and if I can at least determine the vintage, I can try to picture a story in my mind. Sometimes I come up empty with my research, but I don’t usually give up trying!!

  • Super Score Sheila! And your generosity moves me! Love this tin and the story. I’m kinda craving marshmallows though :/ Looking forward to the next thrifting treasure tale! PS I had an almost identical tulip bouquet this weekend on my table too!

  • Another fabulous find! I am just loving these posts because of these awesome storytelling objects. Gosh, I feel like a marshmallow now 🙂 We had a wonderful Easter long weekend and it’s really hard to get back into work mode. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

  • Neat find! I’m always impressed with the fun facts your dig up on your finds. I’d never have guessed that marshmallows came in a tin, but I guess they would fit neatly in there, two layers deep. 🙂

    • Thanks Andrea! I love having a little something to share on Junkin Joe, and stopping by to see what others are sharing is like finding treasure all over again!
      xo Sheila

    • THank you!!! Who would’ve ever thought marshmallows in the 30’s??? I’m learning as I thrift my way into researching, that so many things have been around a lot longer than we ever would have guessed. The difference I see, in my opinion, is in the past there was more care in how things were packaged, presented… a lot more attention to detail. I guess that’s why yesterday’s packaging is today’s collectible – it was made to last, LOL!

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