Vintage MCM Desktop Mail Sorter

Vintage MCM Desktop Mail Sorter

Maybe it’s my office background, maybe it’s not, but when it comes to office organizers, my knees go weak! Looove them, look for any excuse to need them, and no matter what, just flat out want them!

So when I saw this Mid-Century beauty, how could I just turn and walk away? Honestly.

Compact, made of wood…

And designed with function in mind.

The drawer has four small compartments on the right, and I bet back in the day there was a roll of postage stamps in one of them!

And see those numbers, 1 to 31 along the top edge? No, they’re not a metric ruler. Although I have to admit, for a second I wondered why they took a standard 30cm ruler to 31! πŸ˜‰

The numbers actually belong to a slot, and there’s a slot for each day of the calendar month.

The slats you see are for letters, invoices… basically incoming mail that is time sensitive.

Now, how cool is that for visual organization? Can’t you just picture the secretaries of Mad Men working this system?

Such a great piece, and through its design, one that hints at the story of the way things were.

I will be making room for this prized piece to sit up front and center in my own office. I love it!

So how about you? What kind of office organizers do you like to use? How do you keep your time sensitive mail sorted and on track? Oh right, we’re all about the digital age now, aren’t we?

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Photographs by Sheila ZellerΒ 


18 thoughts on “Vintage MCM Desktop Mail Sorter”

  • What a great find. Love it! I hate to date myself but in my first job as a legal assistant we had a similar set up, to keep track of when files had to be actioned. There are so many dates to keep track of with legal files. Now, I use my Icalendar and I have a very small letter sorter where I keep things to be actioned soon.

    • The training as a legal assistant is probably some of the best training for life in keeping timely things organized and accounted for! I worked in a law office in my earlier days, and at that time we were using IBM Selectrics! Bet we used similar systems πŸ˜‰

    • You know what, I actually popped into Value Village, which I usually don’t do unless I’m searching for something I’m having no luck finding anywhere else! And believe it or not, I almost walked away from this, even put it down at one point, and then I gave my head a shake. Seriously, what was I thinking? I hear you on the electronic organizers – they have their place and efficiency, but sometimes a good old-fashioned approach is refreshing.

    • It’s going to play into one of my many unfinished projects – that would be our office! I’m semi there, but kind of petered out in the inspiration department – this piece definitely helps to bring it back! Hey, I had to make a quick trip to Victoria the other day and managed to pop in Trade Roots! What a great store πŸ™‚ I also managed to leave a few dollars poorer! Would still love to connect and will be in touch when I know ahead of time that I’m coming down πŸ™‚

  • You had me at vintage MCM but then I saw the mail sorter – how awesome!! And it’s perfect just like it is – ahhh…this is going to make me think now. I think my Mom has a few various pieces that act as mail organizing. I’ll have to chat with her this weekend to find out. I know she has one of those old (not MCM) spool and thread sorters – she uses it as a little side table. Have a great weekend! (PS – do you love your first name? We always get the nicest comments when strangers learn of our little Sheila’s name. It always makes me smile from ear to ear :))

    • I like the practical approach to organizers from the past, and envy your mom’s spool & thread sorters – those are so awesome! Somehow life, even though many would argue this point, just seemed less complicated on this level, and yet the attention to aesthetic detail was never overlooked. I think that’s why I have such a passion for vintage and antiques… the quality and attention to detail gets me every time!

      And yes, I do love my first name! The only thing that drives me crazy is the ‘ei’… so many people spell it wrong according to the rule ‘i’ before ‘e’, except after ‘c’… you know the one! Apparently I was going to be either Sandra Diane or Sheila Denise! I’m very happy with the latter πŸ™‚ I hope you have a great weekend, Holly!

  • I’m pretty sure I’m the most disorganized person in existence! I’d like to think that if I had an awesome desk organizer like this, I’d be better at keeping track of mail and other paperwork. But chances are, it would just sit there looking pretty while my mail is ignored and my paperwork gets lost πŸ˜‰

  • I have a 3-bin system on my wall – just big enough for letters. Whatever is coming up soon for us, my business, or Dave’s business goes in each, with the most pressing bill in front – and I scribble the due date in big letters on the outside of the mailing envelope. πŸ™‚

  • I just bought one of these today for $3! I’m so excited to start using it!

    do you still use it?
    does it function well?

    • That’s very cool! I do still use it. I keep small post it notes in one of the drawers and a few paperclips in the other. I don’t really use the message slots the way they’re intended, but I do put my ‘to do’ list in there and other paperwork items that I need to handle quickly. It’s fun and I always think about what it must have been like back then! I sure hope you enjoy your ‘new’ vintage mail sorter! Thank you for stopping by and sharing πŸ™‚

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