Vintage Milk Glass

Vintage Milk Glass

Milk Glass. It’s been around for years. You may have grown up with it, seen it in passing, or started your own collection. And undoubtedly you will have come across Fenton’s hobnail milk glass, a common pattern that was developed in the ’50s. Because of its popularity, and of course its charm and versatility, the hobnail design was a sure seller in its time and for years to come. Now these pieces are common collectibles, generally easy to find, and still reasonably priced.

This is a hobnail pitcher that I recognize well, and you might too.


I grew up with one of these pitchers in our home. Unfortunately, when my parents moved my Mom put it in a garage sale! If only I knew then what I know now 😉

Fenton milk glass was also easily identified by the unique ruffled edges found on many of their pieces.


Like this candy compote. If you collect milk glass, then this piece will be one you probably recognize.

Milk glass vases have long been a popular choice for styling tables for weddings and other celebrations.


Isn’t this display effective with the pop of red in the milky white of the vases?

Of courses table scapes don’t have to be limited to vases.


A little arrangement in a milk glass flower pot can be cheerful and festive too.

Or you might like to add a splash of colour in a tabletop urn.


An urn always adds an extra feeling of glam, especially milk glass urns like these.

Or how about a goblet instead?


I love this setting, and it’s the hobnail goblet that really sets it apart to make a statement.

But no place setting is complete without a great set of napkin rings.


They’re fab displayed just like this… now imagine them on beautiful linen napkins and placed around the table. How can a table not feel dressed with pieces like this?

Here are a few different milk glass collections, just to give you an idea of the range pieces.





These are just a handful of examples of the assortment you can find in milk glass pieces. Can you pick out the hobnail pattern? Remember, that’s the super popular pattern I mentioned earlier that became Fenton’s sure seller!

Another pattern similar to the hobnail is the sawtooth.


Like you see here in this sawtooth patterned compote.

No matter what the size, the shape, or the pattern, milk glass pieces are a great addition to any décor.


They can add a sense of whimsy, or an element of elegance and class. It’s really up to you.

Just for fun I have included a few links to DIY projects so you can create your own faux milk glass! You never know when you might need a few pieces 🙂

These three involve painting the exterior of your your chosen pieces:

Ruffled Blog: DIY Tutorial for Faux Milk Glass

Scoutie Girl Blog: DIY Tutorial for Faux Milk Glass

Hey Gorgeous Blog: DIY Tutorial for Faux Milk Glass

And this one, a little more involved, is for coating the inside of your piece with paint:

A Little of This, A Little of That Blog: DIY Tutorial for Faux Milk Glass

This should be enough to get you started!

Do you have any milk glass pieces? Where did your pieces come from?

Thanks for stopping by!

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