Vintage Trash Cans: I Forgot About Oscar!

When I wrote about vintage waste bins the other day I focused on the pretty little ones you would typically find in a bathroom, bedroom or office.

And then I got this comment from my DLBwest friend, Tracey Ayton of Tracy Ayton Photography. Have you read her blog?


So Tracey, this one’s for you!


Oscar the Grouch in his galvanized garbage can home.

Similar to this one here.


According to Urban Remains Chicago, this antique industrial trash can, c. 1910-20s, was made of heavy galvanized steel and reinforced at the joints with rivets. It was made by the Witt Cornice Company, now Witt Industries in Cinncinati. Founder, George Witt invented the first corrugated, galvanized ash can and lid in 1899 and patented it at that time.


These trash cans were historically placed in city parks… oh, and did you know that Witt Industries is now a woman-owned business?

But if I let Oscar in on that little detail, I’m pretty sure this is what he would tell me to do…


What do you think of Oscar’s vintage trash can?

I think it’s très cool, too!

With a little Oscar style in your space…


 There’s a whole lot of personality in your place!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!


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6 Replies to “Vintage Trash Cans: I Forgot About Oscar!”

  1. Hehehe!! We love Oscar around here…so cute to see him pop up here. You know Sesame Place is a few stops down the turnpike not far from our house. It is quite the popular spot for families. I can hear him saying right now “SCRAM”.

  2. Oh that was a cute post Sheila! Good ol’ Oscar The Grouch…lol! The galvanized industrial look does seem to be making a huge comeback though, so I think you’re right on target here!

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