Vintage Waste Bins… That’s Right, Garbage Cans!

Vintage Waste Bins… That’s Right, Garbage Cans!

I thought with the new year underway, and resolutions for decluttering being the current pitch, it would be fun to bring some vintage into the mix.

As in vintage waste bins! They can be a fabulous decor accent, just wait and see!

Like this Hollywood Regency goddess of gold, c. 1950s-60s.


Can you see this being a good fit with the warm metals on the scene?

How about this fun little retro gem… black poodles, pink bows… a Ransburg classic, c. 1950s .


Paris anyone? Just makes you want to smile!

Or maybe something with a little extra kitsch…


Don’t you just want to take him home?

And you know I can never resist some Mid-Century Modern in the crowd.

But I had to laugh when I spotted this Spaghetti bin!


A great match for the Spaghetti swags I wrote about here!

Do you ever watch Mad Men? Now that’s Mid-Century Modern done well!

I can so see this sleek 1960s Swedish teak bin on the set…


…or in my home! 😉

I bet many of you remember this one.


What a classic. This oval bin c. 1950s-60s by Pearl Wick was a popular style of the time.

And would you guess this polished brass bin is from the late 19th to early 20th century?


It’s multipurpose and can double as an umbrella stand. I think it would fit right in with our current scene.

And to finish on a Mid-Century note, how about this atomic style bin.


If you look closely you’ll see this bin has 2 parts. The cylinder is made of perforated metal and sits into the tubular metal frame. Notice the scalloping and ball feet? These are the details that make this bin atomic in style.

Trash bin to treasure!

Do you have decluttering on this year’s ‘to do’ list? Remember to put the pretty in the purge, and have a great little waste bin by your side!

Thanks for stopping by!

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11 thoughts on “Vintage Waste Bins… That’s Right, Garbage Cans!”

  • Who knew garbage cans can be so ……. cool and interesting! I have always just loved the plain, classic, waste paper basket that you would find all over NYC. It could have been from me watching Sesame Street back in the day as a child. Those baskets were in almost all of the shots or even renditions were sketched in the cartoons. MAYBE I’m just crazy and I connect the two with Ocsar the grouch’s garbage can….. garbage for thought. 🙂

  • Oh I like that last one alot! So smart to make it in two pieces. And I believe we had that Pearl Wick one in my childhood home. I like to use ones that I can clean easily, this is due to raising four children, I believe ;-/

  • OMG Sheila! I had the second one (with the black poodle) in my bed room growing up. Reading this post just stirred up a memory I hadn’t thought of in many,many years. Thanks!

    • Linda, that is so much fun! I am picturing you as a young girl with your poodle waste bin! It’s so much fun to write these posts, because the also bring back memories for me so often!

  • Of course I love that brass waste basket. I never really thought about pretty waste baskets but it makes sense. Homegoods always has nice options around here, but now I’ll be taking more notice at the consignment stores too. I was reading Kirsten at 6th St Design School’s blog not too long ago when she revealed her powder room makeover, and she had a pretty toilet bowl brush holder!! Now that’s pretty and I’ve also resolved to find one some day!

    • You know, it’s all in the details they say, and I have to admit, I never thought of a decorative toilet brush. But now I go, hmmmm, why not? Thanks for sharing that Holly!

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