Volunteering With Colour!

My Dad is active in the local golf club, and recently helped oversee some maintenance and upgrades to the clubhouse. Like a new roof, re-routing some electrical, replacing the main door and mesh over the windows, ordering replacement signs… AND new colours were selected for the exterior. This is where I was asked to come in.

Green was the colour they wanted to start with – makes sense to me, after all this is the clubhouse at a golf course we’re repainting!

This is the clubhouse before any of the work began; the main entrance is actually around the other side.

Did I mention the course is a Par 3, and in the small seaside community of Ladysmith? Doesn’t the round shape of the building have an element of ‘fun’ about it? I think it’s charming, perfect for this setting, but… yes, in need of a little TLC and repainting.

So I met with members, and the Benjamin Moore colours we started with were:

Main Colour:  Silken Pine 2144-50

Trim Colour:  Georgian Green HC-115

Keep in mind that the colours on the screen aren’t true, but still… a definite ‘no’ for this combination. As I said, this was just a place to start based on their random colour choices. From here we talked about how much green would be too much green, what kind of green would create the feeling and image wanted for the building, and how the colours would work with the surroundings.

We decided to try this combination:

Main Colour:  Silken Pine 2144-50

Trim Colour:  Southfield Green HC-129

This combination was too close to the original colours, and we decided the Silken Pine just wasn’t doing it – it’s pretty, especially in the sunlight, but not the vision they had in mind. Something brighter, more green, and more cheerful was the desired direction. So Silken Pine got tossed out.

Then we tried:

Main Colour:  Hollingsworth Green HC-114

Trim Colour:  Southfield Green HC-129

This combination was a hit, but I suggested trying a darker trim colour, just to make sure something with more contrast was presented as an option.

And so we looked at this combination:

Main Colour:  Hollingsworth Green HC-114

Trim Colour:  Jack Pine CC-660

Jack Pine was really, really nice with Hollingsworth Green, but ultimately they thought was it was too dark and serious for the cheerful, inviting feeling wanted for the clubhouse. In the end the decision was to go with Hollingsworth Green and Southfield Green. In context, this worked with the surroundings as there are also a few homes in colour similar to Hollingsworth Green.

Here are a few ‘in progress’ photos…

Did you notice that the roof has already been replaced in this photo?

The Hollingsworth Green looks minty here, but it’s not really; it actually has a warm undertone to it.

Here we still haven’t touched the trim or the shallow fascia…

But it has been painted here. The skirting was taken off site and painted in my Dad’s garage by a small work bee of club members.

Capturing the moment… did I mention that painting isn’t my forté? I’m seriously determined to become more patient with it, and am so glad there was a bunch of us doing the painting!

Here is the finished product! I haven’t shown the other side where the main entrance is because new signs are on their way… the old signs have been put up temporarily and they kind of take away from the fresh paint!

So what do you think? Does the clubhouse look a little more loved? Do the new colours feel cheerful, fresh and inviting to you?

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use!

2 Replies to “Volunteering With Colour!”

  1. That’s wonderful, Sheila! It looks so adorable and much, MUCH better! I love the shape of it and I think you’ve done a great job!

    I “twitted” you today. I can’t believe, but I dreamed with you today! I had a dream you could “transport” yourself from BC to here, so we could chat. When I say “transport”, I mean, you were flying (with the wind) from there to here.. LOL They say that pregnant woman has very “vivid” dreams, and it’s true… I’m having some crazy dreams lately.. LOL 🙂 So funny, eh? LOL

    I woke up after the dream and I was laughing in the middle of the night… 🙂

    Have a wonderful day,


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    1. Hi Luciane!
      Thank you for your awesome feedback – I always appreciate it so much 🙂

      And for me your dream is such a compliment – I really hope there comes a day when we get to meet and chat. I think we would have such a great time – and the fact that you woke up laughing, well, that’s just a sign of how much more laughing is to come!!! I’m so glad you shared this!

      Have a super awesome day, filled with lots of laughter, and pretty soon… feeling that baby kick too!
      xo Sheila

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