What’s Special On Your Table?

What’s Special On Your Table?

Our Canadian Thanksgiving has come to an end, and as I put away the ‘special’ dishes, I find myself thinking about what makes each piece special. I gently set away a small bowl that used to be my grandmother’s and drift back to the family dinners we shared, getting lost for a moment back in that time.

My Grandmother’s Bowl

My eye catches another bowl; it was a wedding gift to my Mom and Dad 46 years ago. I had admired it once, and Mom insisted on giving it to me that night. Even though I protested, Mom always got her way, and so… the bowl came home with me! I cherish this piece and its story as Mom is no longer with us, but the memory of that night lives on strong and clear. And every time I pull out this bowl I think of her.

Mom’s Bowl, a genuine Staffordshire china piece handpainted by Shorter & Son Ltd.

It’s the stories we remember with our things that make them special, not the things themselves. And the feelings that connect with the story are what make the difference between a ‘house’ and your ‘home’. What is meaningful to you is what matters. That’s the power of telling your story through your space.

(Left) Gran’s bowl with homemade cranberry sauce ~and~ (Right) Mom’s bowl with mashed potatoes

It’s about coming home… do you have something special for your table?

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