When Life Was Simple

When Life Was Simple

Do you remember when life was simple?

The weather was seasonally predictable?

And the sun would shine so your clothes could dry on the line?

I wish I could say this was our first day of Spring…

But instead, ours was wet, windy, a little sleet, a little snow… and yes, even a burst of sunshine mixed in between! All I managed was to top up some dirt in a few spots of our landscaping, and revisit our BBQ platform project (which has been holding for the weather!) before dashing back inside as the next squall swirled in!

How was your first day of Spring?

I hope it was a little sunnier than mine!



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 All Photos by Sheila Zeller


4 thoughts on “When Life Was Simple”

  • We can not complain here in Ontario it is 26 today and sunny! Absolutely gorgeous, only problem is getting out all the summer clothes..I was not prepared….. Hope some sunshine heads your way soon.

  • Ya know that thought occurred to me the other day about how the weathe used to be more predictable. We were digging a trench for a gas fireplace installation in our yard and then the rain and sleet came to turn all of our hard work into a muddy mess. I love those pics.

  • How refreshing are these cute pics! Lovely breath of fresh air (literally!) Sheila….here in the Sea to Sky it was like a torrential rain…horrible and cold! I think sleet was mixed in there as well, but I have to say yesterday and this morning describe Spring to a T! BEAUTIFUL and the sun is just flowing into the house! Invigorating! Hope you get to work on your landscaping and get to enjoy your revamped outdoor area sooner than later! Enjoy this wonderful day!!

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