White Wine Décor!

White Wine Décor!

Wine and colour. Who would’ve thought there were so many colours attached to wine? I thought it would be fun to translate these colours into decor, so I’m doing this in three posts starting with the white wine colour range first.

As you can see the colours move from brownish-whites to pale straw with bits of green. I have not chosen the colour names tagged to the colour chips. Both were copied straight over from this wine colour guide.

White Wine Colour Range



Amber Green


Yellow Brown






Yellow Green




I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the white wine colour range in each of these rooms as much as I did sourcing and matching them!

Which room did you like best… or is that, which white wine was your favorite?

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4 thoughts on “White Wine Décor!”

    • Hi Kristie!
      I can only imagine how spectacular this guest suite was… what was the decor style? I bet delicious is just one word to capture the look and feel, with a great colour (and name) like this one! Have a great day 🙂 Sheila

    • Good morning Luciane! I hope you’re feeling well and able to get some rest…
      No wine for 8 months 🙁 …just turn the tables and start thinking in terms of wine colours for a nursery instead! 🙂 xo Sheila
      PS – Our Beautiful BC is beautiful today – bright sunshine, birds chirping, and flowers blooming… a change from the rain and clouds we’ve been getting so much of!

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