Why Do I Love Vintage?

Why Do I Love Vintage?

Why do I love vintage?

I attended an estate sale yesterday that was run by the family members, and as pieces were contemplated by those of us looking to buy, stories and memories were shared. I felt privileged to be in the midst, as it was clear the pieces for sale had seen many years of family love… and as each member shared another moment connected back to their treasures, the reasons that I love vintage were underscored for me.

Vintage pieces are the stories in peoples’ lives.

Vintage pieces have stood the test of time.

Mikasa Cera Stone Creamer by Jonas Roberts, c.1960s, D1800 Brown

Like this Mikasa Cera Stone creamer by Jonas Roberts, circa 1960s. 50-ish years this piece has been around, and it’s in perfect condition!

Vintage pieces have seen more than we’ll ever know.

Mikasa Cera Stone Creamers by Jonas Roberts, c.1960s, D1800 Brown

Like these three Mikasa Cera Stone creamers all lined up in a row. Each has lived a separate life, and yet somehow their paths have crossed to become a family of three. All are in mint condition. What are the chances after 50 some odd years in existence?

Vintage pieces come from their very own family.

Mikasa Cera Stone Cream & Sugar Sets by Jonas Roberts, c.1960s, D1800 Brown

They’ve traveled around, have stories to share, and some of their stories we’ll never know…

But as we bring vintage treasures into our own lives, we get to continue their legacy of ‘being’. And we get to build our own stories in to the tapestry of their past.

I’m sharing these thoughts with you, because of…

The Beauty

Yesterday I witnessed vintage treasures being lovingly moved on. It was a special moment in time that I won’t soon forget.

The Tragedy

And then a little later on I experienced a stark contrast to that. I was in a ‘shop’, the name I won’t disclose, where glassware was being cleared from the shelves, apparently destined for another ‘shop’. The glassware was a mix of vintage and not so new, and it was literally being tossed into a cart without care. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… and more disturbing, what I was hearing. The sound of breaking, chipping glass. Why? It made me so sad that these unsuspecting pieces were being handled this way, that their chances for survival were so carelessly disregarded…

The Opportunity

We’ll never know why… but we do know there are great pieces out there waiting for a loving home. If you shop vintage, go find them before it’s too late! If you aren’t a vintage shopper, do you think you might want to give it a try?

These are just a few of the reasons why I love vintage!!! I hope you’re having a great weekend. Pop by tomorrow… I have a very special guest joining sZinteriors, and there just might be a connection to this post! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller

5 thoughts on “Why Do I Love Vintage?”

  • Aww Sheila, sounds the like estate sale was fun! I have had the same experience with some 2nd hand stores. Some of them only value certain items and literally throw out donations that don’t meet their genre. Maybe the broken pieces will make it into an artists mosaic somewhere…don’t be sad ๐Ÿ™‚ I love hearing about your vintage wanderings

  • Oh my gosh! That poor glassware!! I am definitely like you Sheila, I love everything vintage and love to her the history each piece has to offer. I’ve teamed up with a lady that has similar interests in old homes that are getting torn down. We take pics of the exterior of the homes and try to get into them also. You would be amazed at the treasures that are left behind in the homes also. Crazy amazing!!! Lily from Birch & Bird is coming out tomorrow to meet with me at a home that has so many vintage treasures that I can’t bear to watch go into the landfill so Lily is going to gather all she can in order to sell at Spruce Collective. I feel good to at least do my part. It’s sad that the home is going but to have someone’s life thrown away ……. we can at least stop that.

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