Winter Pinterest Challenge: Light Please, Capiz

Winter Pinterest Challenge: Light Please, Capiz

Yup, it’s that time again!

The Winter Pinterest Challenge is up, and today is the big reveal day. I can’t wait to see all the projects that everyone did.

After participating in the Summer Pinterest and Fall Pinterest Challenges, I was eagerly awaiting the Winter Challenge, too.

By now I bet you know how it works. First, you have to share your inspiration pin… So here’s what I pinned way back in October.

A faux capiz shell chandelier made with wax paper by Jessica over at Decor Adventures. Thanks Jessica!

Photo: Decor Adventures

Jessica is one of my blogging buddies, and her blog is full of awesome DIY projects and tutorials. Her tutorial for this chandelier was easy to follow, and not too finicky – my kind of project!

Here’s where the chandelier is slated to go. This is our office, and so the chandelier is one more step in the redo!

I had a few mishaps along the way.

Started with this black basket…

And wanted to spray paint it white.

But my can was empty! See the spots on the basket? That’s the end of the can! Somehow my inventory system failed me 🙁 I was sure I had more than that left!

I couldn’t see the point in halting production, so I ended up painting it by hand.

Besides, I had my trusty saw horses set up and ready to go.

Remember them from here?

Once the basket was painted I realized it was missing the metal bands I needed in the middle! How did I overlook that when I bought it?

So I had to improvise by wrapping wire around the basket in two sections.

Not so pretty, but it’ll all be covered in the end.

Onto making the faux capiz shells. Now back in November when I was buying all the stuff to do this project, I couldn’t find a basket and had to put the project on hold… I was ok with that, because I couldn’t find a circle cutter either.

And Jessica strongly recommended using one. Just to be safe, this is what I bought to make my circles with.

And since I just recently found a basket, I wanted to get going on this challenge, so I started to tackle the circles… as in drawing and cutting them by hand…

And, as in just 2 days before ‘reveal’ day (eeek!)… I knew this was going to take awhile.

So I asked my hubby to go on a circle cutter hunt since he was already out and about. And I just knew hitting craft supplies was SO in his plans 😉

He actually found one… but by the time he got home it was kind of too late. Oops! Sorry honey, I owe you one! 🙂

I just got on a roll, and kept going so I could start sewing the circles together. In case you’re wondering, my circles are 2 & 1/4 inches in diameter.

I ran out of bobbin thread – not a biggy, just a pain to stop and refill when you’re on a roll.

And then finally I began hanging the strands on the basket.

And… ran out of circles, so I had to make more.

See, told you there were a few mishaps along the way!


Ready to hang.

And I needed the help of my hubby for this. We discovered the distance between the basket hooks was different for each one!

Handy, right? So hubby drafted up a template for where to put the hooks in the ceiling

And then he got the fun job of transferring that data to the ceiling 😉

Putting the hooks in…

And hanging this puppy up. We would’ve preferred to suspend the chandelier from the ceiling a bit, but as you can see, this fixture didn’t give us much option for that.

It all went pretty well… until we realized we forgot to put the light bulbs back in!

Once that was done and the chandelier was rehung… well, we discovered one of the bulbs had burned out!!! Seriously, how did that happen between removal and putting them back in? And… we don’t have a replacement on hand to match the other one!

Did I say there were a few mishaps along the way?

But in the end the chandelier is a great change from where we started…

Here’s another look at the BEFORE

And the AFTER

And that’s another Pinterest Challenge wrap!

Check out all the other Winter challenge submissions here (mine is #105). To see what was done in the other challenges, the Fall 2011 submissions are here (mine is #100), and the Summer 2011 submissions are here (mine is #201).

Thank you so much to these ladies for another great Pinterest Challenge…

Did you join in the Winter Pinterest Challenge? What submission # is yours?


39 thoughts on “Winter Pinterest Challenge: Light Please, Capiz”

  • Wow — I totally made this project! I did this about a year and a half ago (and the circles have held up very well) after I saw a tutorial over at Design Sponge. I also made a few garlands with leftover circles by sewing them together as you did and I’ve hung one up in my kitchen.. I LOVE the way yours turned out — very pretty!

    I would love for you to come check out the one I did! I hung it in my dining room:

  • It sounds as though you had some challenges along the way but in the end it turned out great. It looks like one you would find in one of those expensive boutiques. Wonderful job!

  • Ahh, hate when the bobbin runs out!

    This turned out great! Not too many circles, not too few. I’ve been noodling ideas on how to spruce up some builder lights and now you’ve got me thinkin!

  • Oh my gosh, it is fabulous!!! Go you for cutting them all out, pfew, glad that’s over! But it goes fast after that right?

    Now you have made me want to make another one, and there is a boob light in our foyer calling for something different…

    Thanks so much for showing my project woman, you rock!

    • Can anything be worse than a boob light? I was definitely inspired to move that nasty out of the office. And your tutorial was great! I’m happy I could showcase inspiration from one of your projects… keep ’em coming!!!

  • I am SO making one of these chandeliers! I don’t know if it’s because I have a capiz chandelier on my project to-do list, but I keep coming across all sorts of great tutorials on how to make one.

    Yours came out great – I actually like it mounted flush with the ceiling. I can’t believe you cut out all those circles by hand! I’m definitely going to buy a circle cutter to make mine – I’m seriously lacking in the patience department.

    My Pinterest Challenge submission is #142 at Young House Love – Let’s create a gallery wall.

    • Hi Kelly!
      I love your project! Your gallery wall is incredible – it’s so tough to get everything lined up… and for me, I have a soft spot for anything ocean related. Love your idea about creating a gallery wall 😉

    • Hi Cathairne!
      Thank you for stopping by, and for leaving a comment! I’m so glad you did… I just popped over to your blog, and wow – I have some catching up to do! You have a ton of great articles!!! This project wasn’t actually as tedious as I thought it would be… even cutting out all those circles wasn’t all that bad! I did cheat a bit with the gluing and only glued the inside layers. The very top outside layer is just draped, but the strands sat so well I decided to try it like this… will glue later if I have to!

  • So impressed Sheila! with the result, with the process and of course your patience. And how did i miss the Winter Pinterest challenge? Really do not want to miss the Spring challenge.

    • Thanks so much, Bev!

      I follow Young House Love’s blog, and that’s how you find out about the Pinterest challenges. The challenge isn’t hosted by ‘Pinterest’, it’s coordinated by Sherry from YHL and Katie from Bower Power, and they select 2 additional bloggers to feature the challenge with them. The challenge is usually announced on a Wednesday and you have a week to do your project for the reveal day, which is the following Wednesday. The reveal of projects is also posted on YHL’s blog. The main ingredient is to have pinned your inspiration at some point for the project you do for the challenge. Not sure when the Spring challenge might be, but will definitely be watching for it! Hope this helps!

  • Holy smokes!!!! That is amazing Sheila!!! I would have never thought to make a shell light out of wax paper. I can’t get over what an awesome idea that is and the light turned out superb. So impressed with ya girlfriend!!! Enjoy this glorious sunshine!!!

    • Awe, thanks Rosa! $20 is the max! It’ll depend on how much your basket costs in the end, and definitely buy your wax paper at the Dollar Store – no need for the tough quality stuff! Hubby found the circle cutter at Wal-Mart – on sale for $22, reg $29.95… you can get them at Michael’s as well, but just watch for a coupon to knock the price down a bit…

  • WOW Sheila this is fabulous! I am so impressed. And good for you for sticking with it, it looks so great! Love these pinterest challenges so interesting to see all the creative ideas out there.

  • LOL I’m laughing about your comment “Can anything be worse than boob light”! LOL Well… you have seen some of my “cool or fools”, right? LOL 🙂 But, yeah.. no “boobs” on my ceiling.. for sure! 😉

    Just dropped by to wish you a really blessed weekend, Sheila.


    Luciane at

    • Thank you for dropping by Luciane. Such a nice surprise 🙂 We’ll be spending time with Clemens’ parents, so I think our weekend will be very blessed. I hope you have a really great weekend, too.

      xo Sheila

  • Sheila, this is so pretty! And it seems like despite a few mishaps that it went pretty well. I have a few questions about the project that I’m going to email you about. Enjoy your new pretty light fixture!

  • Wow! I can not believe how well this came out! I am going to try it because it looks so great! You had me laughing with all the ‘little’ problems you ran into. Your hubby sounds like the best! Great job Sheila!

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