It’s A New Look!

Welcome to my blog makeover! Did you look twice to make sure it was me?

Yes, this is my little secret. It’s something that the uber talented Brittany from Gallery No. Eight and I have been working on for awhile now.

Want a little tour behind the scenes?

Let’s start with the scrambled script.

Modern Fifty

You see, way back in January I participated in ‘Project Blogging’ hosted by Heather from Inspire Me Heather. Have you participated in this, too? I found the feedback super helpful, and took the suggestions to heart.

My New Place Blog

I mean, why participate if you’re not going to be open to feedback, right?

Then when Barbara revealed her new look for hodge:podge back in February, and Brittany was offering hodge:podge readers a special deal, well it was just way too hard to pass up. It was like a confirmation of what I needed to do. Isn’t blogging the best?

So on the last day of this very sweet offer… probably the last hour, I swear… I took a deep breath and contacted Brittany.

Bosco Anthony

I think my fear of commitment scattered vision was holding me back! Can you relate to that?

So here’s how the new look evolved.

I had a bunch of inspiration photos pinned to my Pinterest boards. Probably the best place to start. But how do you narrow all that inspiration down? I mean, seriously!!!

In the end, I picked 3 images for Brittany to work from.

This was my first choice photo.


You see, the ocean is my favorite place to be. And I love the cheerful, feel-good happy colour of turquoise. So the turquoise of the water was a definite jump-off point.

But I also wanted a bit of the softer, more washed out and faded look like you see on the horizon. And, by now I bet you all know how much I love weathered, worn old things, especially wood. Naturally, driftwood is right up there at the top!

So this was my second photo.

Etsy: Lisa Russo Fine Art Shop

Isn’t this a gorgeous shot? It’s titled, ‘Adrift’, and was taken by Etsy shop owner, Lisa Russo. It’s available for purchase… just in case you love it as much as I do!

And my last photo was all about the letter style, and the overall vintage feel.


Love this ‘Z’!

After presenting me with a range of ideas and options, Brittany was able to capture the look and feel I had in mind. And for all you detail oriented peeps, you know how tough that can be!

So I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Brittany for working through this makeover with me, and for her commitment to the process.

And for anyone wanting a fresh blog design, well, you know who to call!

As they say in the movies, that’s a wrap!

Except… I still have a little bit of work left to do, so I have a few Coming Soon features that you’ll see! And, I know we might also have a few glitches popping up along the way, so please bear with us while we work on those technical difficulties!


27 thoughts on “It’s A New Look!”

    • Thank you so much Barbara!!! If it wasn’t for your feature of Brittany, and your own blog makeover I’m not sure I’d be at this place right now… but I do know it was way past time, and TG for Brittany!!! 🙂

    • I haven’t said too much because I wanted the reveal to be a surprise. And also, with summer in full swing through this process we just didn’t know exactly when we could coordinate everything for the installation, so I didn’t want to put it out there too soon. I still have lots of little clean-up tasks to take care of, but it’s worth it. I really love the new fresh look so much…

    • Awe, thank you Shauna! I love the look of your blog, and you know what? I just learned what Satori means, and I thought of you right away. Have you read The Wabi-Sabi House? I think a blog is always a work in progress… as I start to go through the clean-up process and look back at my posts, it’s amazing to see the changes and shifts along the way. My new direction feels so weightless compared the old look, and I love that about it already…

  • Great new look! It does have a lovely ocean vibe to it 🙂 I never thought to use inspiration pictures for my blog designs. That’s a really good idea – I’ll remember that for future blog designs 🙂

    {I wish I could bring my new Brizo faucets with me down the road when we sell our house!}

    • Hi Lisa!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting – I was thrilled to see your name pop up! But my bigger thanks is for the inspiration your beautiful photograph provided. I just love it, and have had it pinned for a long time. And then when I embarked on the blog makeover, it was the perfect image to help me translate what I was seeing in my mind to my designer. So thank you with sincere gratitude!
      xo Sheila

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look Sheila!! it is stunning. I love all of your inspiration photos. You and I share a love for the ocean 🙂

    BTW, it was so nice to see you the other night. I wish we could have had more time to talk 🙁 it seems like it’s always cut so short. Hopefully at BLEND?

    • Awe, your feedback means a lot. Thank you so much 🙂 I would have loved more time to chat with you as well… and yes, I will be at BLEND! I’ve booked my hotel for that night, and have to figure out the rest of the itinerary around the weekend once I know what everyone else is doing. Really looking forward to connecting with you again!

  • Ha! Isn’t that funny we both unveiled our new looks today!!!! I feel like a new woman …… it’s like getting a new hair cut. Love it!! I totally felt scattered when I was trying to figure out what to do. You have so many veins of inspiration but at the same time it’s keeping it simple. I really love where you got your inspiration from.

    • Thank you so much! You always make me smile 🙂 Blog ADD? Isn’t that normal? Through this process I saw where things evolved, and well, where they stagnated. It’s pretty interesting to look back…

  • So Beautiful Sheila! Love the colors and the design. You might just have convinced me to shake things up over at my site! Really looks wonderful, so happy for you!!

    • Thank you so much, Kelly! I know for my blog it was way past due. It just felt so heavy and clunky, and working with Brittany really helped me find the look and feeling I was going for. I still have some behind the scenes work to do, but now I’m shifting my focus back to actually writing blog articles, and getting back into the swing of routine that hits when summer ends…

    • Thank you, Holly! I still have some things left to do, and hopefully soon the last of the details will be finished up! It’s just very rewarding to have reached this point after thinking about it for so long 🙂

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